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Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC Wide Body Double Door Depository Safe


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The Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC: A Masterpiece of Security and Functionality

In the realm of security solutions, the Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC depository safe stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Designed to cater to the nuanced needs of businesses and individuals alike, this “B” rated safe combines formidable steel construction with advanced security features, making it an indispensable asset for anyone serious about protecting their cash and valuables.

Robust “B” Rated Steel Construction for Unparalleled Security

The CV-F30W-2-KC is engineered with a focus on durability and resistance to unauthorized access. Featuring a formed steel body and a 1/2″ thick steel door, this safe offers a level of security that is both reassuring and impenetrable. The “B” rated construction signifies a high standard of burglary resistance, ensuring that contents remain secure against attempted break-ins.

Dual-Compartment Design for Enhanced Versatility

What sets the CV-F30W-2-KC apart is its innovative dual-compartment configuration, which includes a front-loading depository for easy and secure deposits without the necessity of opening the safe. This compartment is designed to accept deposit bags up to 16 1/8″ wide, facilitating efficient cash handling processes. The bottom storage compartment offers additional secure space for the overnight or long-term storage of valuables, adhering to best practices for cash management and security.

Tailored for Optimal Functionality and Convenience

Effortless Deposits with Cutting-Edge Design

The front-loading depository feature of the CV-F30W-2-KC is equipped with sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling, a critical security measure that prevents tampering and unauthorized retrieval of deposited items. This design ensures that once deposits are made, they are securely contained within the safe until officially accessed.

Flexible Installation and Accessibility

Designed to fit under typical counter heights, the CV-F30W-2-KC provides versatile placement options, complementing its robust security features with practical design considerations. The safe can be securely bolted to the floor, enhancing its defense against removal or theft. The inclusion of four 1/2″ mounting holes facilitates straightforward installation, ensuring that the safe remains a steadfast guardian of your assets.

The Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC represents the epitome of secure depository solutions, blending “B” rated steel construction with user-focused features. Its dual-compartment design, advanced security mechanisms, and practical usability make it an exemplary choice for businesses and individuals prioritizing the safety of their cash and valuables.

Advanced Security Measures of the Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC

Superior Locking Mechanism for Ultimate Protection

Central to the CV-F30W-2-KC’s security arsenal is its UL-listed combination lock, offering a dependable barrier against unauthorized access. For users desiring modern convenience, an optional keypad provides enhanced security with customizable access codes, allowing for secure, keyless entry. This flexibility ensures that the safe’s security can be tailored to individual preferences or operational requirements.

The safe’s door is secured by three active 1″ diameter locking bolts, each engineered to extend deep into the safe’s body, fortifying the door against forced entry attempts. Coupled with a hardplate that shields the lock and relocker from drilling, and a relocker that activates if the lock is tampered with, the CV-F30W-2-KC’s locking system is designed to withstand sophisticated burglary techniques.

Depository Design Optimized for Secure Transactions

The CV-F30W-2-KC features a thoughtfully designed front-loading depository, capable of accepting deposit bags up to 16 1/8″ wide. This allows for the secure and efficient deposit of cash or valuables without opening the safe, ideal for businesses that need to make deposits throughout the day. Sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling ensures that once items are deposited, they cannot be “fished out,” providing an added layer of security for deposited assets.

Designed for Durability and Ease of Use

Robust Construction and Flexible Placement

With “B” rated steel construction, the CV-F30W-2-KC is built to offer enduring protection. Its formed steel body and 1/2″ thick steel door not only resist burglary attempts but also contribute to the safe’s overall durability. The safe’s dimensions (30″ Height x 20″ Width x 20″ Depth) and weight (194 lbs) make it versatile enough to fit under typical counter heights, while four 1/2″ mount holes allow for it to be bolted securely to the floor, preventing unauthorized removal.

Dual-Compartment Functionality for Enhanced Security Management

The CV-F30W-2-KC’s dual-compartment setup provides a unique advantage, allowing for the separation of daily deposits from longer-term storage of valuables. This design encourages the regular transfer of assets from the more accessible deposit compartment to the more secure storage compartment, optimizing the safe’s use for overnight protection.

The Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC emerges as a sophisticated solution for those in need of a secure, reliable depository safe. Its blend of advanced security features, durable construction, and user-centric design make it an outstanding choice for safeguarding valuables and cash, catering to the rigorous demands of both commercial settings and home use.

The Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC: A Premier Choice for Comprehensive Security

A Safe That Marries Security with Practicality

The Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC stands out in the landscape of depository safes for its robust “B” rated steel construction, dual-compartment versatility, and advanced locking mechanisms. Designed to thwart burglary attempts while offering convenient deposit features, this safe is a testament to Hayman Safe’s commitment to quality and innovation in security solutions.

Optimized for Secure Deposits and Valuable Protection

With its front-loading depository feature, the CV-F30W-2-KC allows for quick and secure deposits without compromising the safe’s overall security. This functionality, paired with the sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling, ensures that deposits remain secure from tampering. The separate storage compartment provides an added layer of security for valuable items, recommending a best practice of transferring items from the depository compartment for enhanced overnight protection.

Designed for Flexibility and Ease of Integration

The CV-F30W-2-KC’s design considerations extend beyond security features to include ease of installation and use. Its dimensions and mounting options offer flexibility in placement, ensuring the safe can be integrated seamlessly into a variety of settings. The option for a UL-listed combination lock or keypad entry allows users to choose their preferred access method, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Durability and Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond its security and functionality, the CV-F30W-2-KC is built to last, featuring a durable black, powder-coated finish that resists wear and complements any decor. Heavy-duty hinges and a spring-loaded detent system underscore the safe’s quality construction, ensuring it remains a reliable security asset for years to come.

Why the Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC Is the Right Choice

Choosing the Hayman CV-F30W-2-KC means prioritizing the safety of your cash and valuables without sacrificing convenience or operational efficiency. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from retail to home security, this depository safe offers a secure solution for managing deposits and storing valuables with confidence. Its blend of security, versatility, and user-focused design makes the CV-F30W-2-KC an invaluable investment for those seeking peace of mind in their security arrangements.

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Weight194 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 30 in


Burglary Rating


Business Safe




Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

Top 13.88" x 16.38" Bottom 13.88" x 16.38"

Double Door


Drop Slot


Drop Slot Location

Front Loading

External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Internal Depth (Bottom)


Internal Depth (Top)


Internal Height (Bottom)


Internal Height (Top)


Internal Width (Bottom)


Internal Width (Top)



Free Standing



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