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Hayman CV-F20K Front Loading Depository Safe With Dual Key Lock

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The Hayman CV-F20K: Redefining Security with Advanced Depository Features

The Hayman CV-F20K emerges as a formidable solution in the world of depository safes, offering “B” rated steel construction and innovative security features tailored for businesses and homeowners alike. This front-loading depository safe combines the practicality of easy deposit capabilities with robust security measures, ensuring that cash and valuables are protected without the need to open the safe door, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Robust “B” Rated Steel Construction for Enhanced Security

Constructed with a formed steel body and a 1/2″ thick steel door, the CV-F20K is designed to offer superior protection against attempted burglaries. This “B” rated safe not only serves as a durable barrier against unauthorized access but also provides peace of mind to users looking to secure moderate amounts of cash or valuables. The heavy-duty construction is complemented by three active 1″ diameter locking bolts, ensuring the contents of the safe remain secure.

Key Lock System with Optional Keypad for Flexible Security

At the core of the CV-F20K’s security features is a UL-listed key lock, providing a reliable and straightforward access mechanism. For users seeking a more modern approach, an optional keypad offers an alternative means of securing the safe, allowing for customizable access codes and enhancing the overall security setup. This flexibility in locking mechanisms caters to diverse user preferences and security requirements.

Designed for Convenience and Efficiency

Front Loading Depository for Secure and Easy Deposits

The CV-F20K’s front-loading depository feature allows for the easy insertion of deposit bags up to 1/4″ wide, facilitating secure transactions without the need to open the safe. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses that handle cash regularly, providing a secure method for making deposits swiftly and efficiently. The recessed front loader, equipped with sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling, prevents deposited items from being retrieved once they enter the safe, adding an extra layer of security.

Versatile Placement and Installation Options

Designed to fit under typical counter heights, the CV-F20K offers versatility in placement, making it suitable for a variety of settings. The ability to bolt the safe to the floor or a shelf ensures that it can be securely anchored in place, providing added stability and protection. The inclusion of four 1/2″ mounting holes facilitates easy installation, allowing the safe to be integrated seamlessly into any space.

The Hayman CV-F20K stands out as a premier choice for those in need of a secure, efficient, and accessible depository safe. Its combination of durable construction, advanced locking options, and user-friendly deposit features makes it an invaluable asset for securing cash and valuables in both commercial and residential environments.

Advanced Security and User-Centric Design of the Hayman CV-F20K

Innovative Security for Peace of Mind

The Hayman CV-F20K is engineered with cutting-edge security features to offer unmatched protection. The UL-listed key lock, bolstered by the option for keypad access, provides versatile and reliable security tailored to the user’s preferences. This flexibility ensures that each CV-F20K can be secured in a manner that best suits the operational needs of a business or the personal preferences of a homeowner.

The inclusion of three 1″ diameter active locking bolts, a hardplate to guard against drilling, and a relocker mechanism for added security in case of tampering, underscores the CV-F20K’s commitment to maintaining the highest security standards. These features work in concert to protect against sophisticated burglary attempts, offering a formidable barrier to unauthorized access.

Depository Functionality for Enhanced Efficiency

Central to the CV-F20K’s design is its front-loading depository mechanism, which allows for the quick and secure deposit of cash and valuables without opening the safe. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses that require a secure, efficient way to manage cash deposits throughout the day. The innovative sawtooth “anti-fish” baffling ensures that once deposits are made, they cannot be “fished out,” providing an additional layer of security for deposited items.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Use

The CV-F20K’s compact dimensions (20″ Height x 14″ Width x 14″ Depth) and the ability to fit under typical counter heights make it a versatile solution for various settings, from retail spaces to home offices. The safe’s design includes four 1/2″ mount holes, allowing for secure bolting to floors or shelves, further enhancing its security by preventing unauthorized removal.

The safe’s black, powder-coated finish not only adds durability but also ensures that the CV-F20K complements any interior decor. This attention to aesthetics, combined with the safe’s robust security features and practical functionality, makes the CV-F20K an ideal choice for those prioritizing the safety of their cash and valuables.

The Hayman CV-F20K: A Comprehensive Security Solution

Unparalleled Security for Your Valuables

The CV-F20K’s robust “B” rated steel construction and advanced locking mechanisms, including a UL-listed key lock and optional keypad access, offer superior protection against burglary. This security is further reinforced by three active locking bolts, a hardplate to resist drilling, and a relocker that activates if the lock is attacked, ensuring your valuables remain secure under all circumstances.

Efficient Depository Features for Safe Cash Handling

At the heart of the CV-F20K’s design is its front-loading depository, which allows for the easy and secure deposit of cash and valuables without the need to open the safe. This feature, combined with sawtooth anti-fish baffling, ensures deposited items are protected against unauthorized retrieval, making the CV-F20K an ideal choice for businesses in need of a secure cash management solution.

Designed for Versatility and Ease of Installation

With its compact size and ability to be bolted to the floor or shelf, the CV-F20K offers flexible installation options that suit various environments. Whether placed under a counter in a retail setting or secured in a home office, this safe provides steadfast security without compromising space or convenience. The black, powder-coated finish not only adds durability but also ensures the safe complements any room’s decor.

A Trusted Companion for Security

Backed by a 1-year parts & labor warranty and a lifetime burglary guarantee, the Hayman CV-F20K stands as a testament to Hayman Safe’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. These assurances provide peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected and supported over its lifetime.

Why Choose the Hayman CV-F20K

Opting for the Hayman CV-F20K means choosing a safe that expertly balances the demands of security, functionality, and design. Ideal for businesses seeking efficient cash handling solutions and homeowners looking for a reliable way to secure valuables, the CV-F20K offers a level of protection that is both comprehensive and accessible. Its blend of advanced security features, user-friendly design, and flexible installation options makes the CV-F20K an invaluable asset for safeguarding your most important assets.

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Weight90 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 20 in


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Business Safe




Cubic Inches


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10.25" x 7.88"

Drop Slot


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External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


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