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Hayman CV-20D-C CashVault Burglar Safe

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The Hayman CV-20D-C: Redefining Security and Versatility for Home and Business

In the realm of safes designed to protect cash and valuables, the Hayman CV-20D-C emerges as a leading solution that marries robust security features with the flexibility of placement and use. This “B” rated steel construction safe is not only an emblem of durability but also a testament to thoughtful design, tailored to meet the security needs of both residential and commercial environments.

Superior Construction for Uncompromised Security

The Hayman CV-20D-C is constructed with resilience at its core, featuring a formed steel body and a 1/2″ thick steel door that collectively offer formidable resistance against forced entry attempts. This safe’s “B” rating is indicative of its strength and reliability, making it a trusted repository for moderate amounts of cash or valuables. The incorporation of four 1″ diameter active locking bolts ensures that its contents are secured with precision and robustness.

Advanced Locking Mechanism for Enhanced Protection

At the heart of the CV-20D-C’s defense system is a UL-listed combination lock, providing a high-security barrier that is both reliable and tamper-resistant. For users preferring modern technology integration, an optional keypad offers an alternative access method, allowing for customizable codes that heighten the safe’s security. This flexibility in locking mechanisms caters to diverse user preferences, ensuring ease of access without compromising on safety.

Designed for Convenience and Efficiency

Versatile Placement Options

Understanding the importance of adaptability, the Hayman CV-20D-C boasts compact dimensions (20 1/2″ x 20 1/2″ x 22″) that allow it to fit comfortably under typical counter heights. This feature, coupled with the capability to be bolted to the floor or a shelf via four 1/2″ mount holes, provides users with multiple installation options, enhancing the safe’s utility and integration into various spaces.

Optimized Interior for Organized Storage

Despite its compact exterior, the CV-20D-C offers a spacious interior (20 1/4″ x 20 1/4″ x 18 3/4″), equipped with an adjustable shelf that facilitates efficient organization and storage of valuables and documents. This customization enables users to tailor the safe’s layout to their specific storage needs, maximizing the use of space while ensuring that items are securely stored and readily accessible.

The Hayman CV-20D-C: Elevating Security and Versatility in Safe Design

In the landscape of security solutions, the Hayman CV-20D-C emerges as a superior choice for safeguarding moderate amounts of cash and valuables. This “B” rated safe is engineered with a blend of robust steel construction and innovative security features, designed to fit seamlessly into various environments, from home settings to commercial spaces. Its compact dimensions and versatile installation options make the CV-20D-C a preferred choice for those seeking reliable protection without compromising on space.

Robust Build for Enhanced Protection

The CV-20D-C is constructed from formed steel, featuring a formidable 1/2″ thick steel door that sets a high standard for burglary safes. This construction is complemented by four 1″ diameter active locking bolts, ensuring that the safe provides a secure barrier against unauthorized access. The heavy-duty nature of the steel body and door offers peace of mind, knowing that valuables are protected by “B” rated steel construction known for its durability and resistance to tampering.

Advanced Security for Peace of Mind

Security in the CV-20D-C is further reinforced by a UL-listed combination lock, providing a reliable mechanism for securing the safe’s contents. For those who prefer the convenience of modern technology, an optional keypad offers an alternative method of access, allowing for quick and secure entry. The inclusion of a hardplate to protect the lock and relocker, alongside a relocker that secures the safe if the lock is attacked, ensures that the safe’s security mechanisms are safeguarded against drilling and other forms of forced entry.

Tailored for Convenience and Efficiency

Flexible Installation and Accessibility

Designed to fit under typical counter heights, the CV-20D-C offers flexible installation options. Whether bolted to the floor or a shelf, this safe can be securely anchored in place, providing stable and reliable protection. The compact outside dimensions (20 1/2″ x 20 1/2″ x 22″) ensure that the CV-20D-C can be integrated into various settings without occupying excessive space, making it an ideal choice for locations where floor space is at a premium.

Optimized Storage with Adjustable Shelving

Despite its compact footprint, the CV-20D-C maximizes storage capacity with an adjustable shelf, enhancing its organizational capabilities. This feature allows users to customize the interior layout to suit their storage needs, whether for cash, important documents, or small valuables. The clear door opening (16 3/4″ H x 16 3/4″ W) ensures easy access to the safe’s contents, making it convenient to store and retrieve items as needed.

The Hayman CV-20D-C: A Benchmark in Security and Practicality

Unmatched Security in a Compact Design

The Hayman CV-20D-C stands as a testament to innovative safe design, offering exceptional security features in a compact and versatile unit. With its “B” rated steel construction and advanced security mechanisms, this safe provides formidable protection against burglary attempts, ensuring that cash, valuables, and important documents are kept secure. The heavy-duty construction, including a 1/2″ thick steel door and four 1″ diameter active locking bolts, establishes a solid defense against unauthorized access, making the CV-20D-C an ideal choice for those seeking reliable security solutions.

Advanced Locking System for Enhanced Protection

Featuring a UL-listed combination lock and an optional keypad for those who prefer digital access, the CV-20D-C offers flexible and secure locking options to meet individual preferences. The addition of a hardplate and relocker mechanism further reinforces the safe’s defense, protecting the lock from being compromised and ensuring the contents remain secured under all circumstances. This comprehensive approach to security underscores the CV-20D-C’s commitment to safeguarding valuables with the utmost reliability.

Designed for Maximum Convenience and Efficiency

Versatile Placement Options for Every Setting

The CV-20D-C’s thoughtful design includes features that allow for versatile placement and installation. Capable of fitting under typical counter heights and equipped with mounting holes for bolting to floors or shelves, this safe offers flexibility in positioning, ensuring it can be seamlessly integrated into any home or business environment. Its compact size does not compromise its security features, making it a perfect fit for spaces where efficiency and protection are paramount.

Optimized Interior for Organized Storage

Despite its compact dimensions, the CV-20D-C maximizes internal storage space with an adjustable shelf, facilitating organized storage for moderate amounts of cash, valuables, and documents. This customizable storage solution, combined with the clear door opening, provides easy access to contents, enhancing the user experience and ensuring that items are not only secure but also readily accessible.

Embracing the Hayman CV-20D-C for Comprehensive Security

Choosing the Hayman CV-20D-C means opting for a safe that expertly balances security, functionality, and practical design. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, this safe offers a dependable solution for securing moderate amounts of cash and valuables, all within a compact and efficient unit. With its robust construction, advanced locking features, and flexible installation options, the CV-20D-C stands out as a premier choice for anyone in need of a high-quality, reliable safe.

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Weight140 lbs
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Business Safe




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16.75" x 16.75"

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Fits Closet


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