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Hayman BH-5922 Black Hills Gun Safe

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The Hayman BH-5922: A Fusion of Security, Durability, and Innovation

In the world of safes, the Hayman BH-5922 stands out as a paradigm of security and fire protection, tailored for those who seek unparalleled safety for their firearms and valuables. With its robust construction and advanced security features, the BH-5922 is more than just a gun safe; it is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the demands of the discerning homeowner looking for both burglary and fire protection.

Robust Construction for Maximum Security

The Hayman BH-5922 is crafted from 11 gauge steel for its body and reinforced with a 3/16″ steel plate door, offering formidable resistance against attempted break-ins. This level of security is further enhanced by the safe’s three-way active boltwork, featuring seven active 1 1/4″ locking bolts and three deadbolts, ensuring that the contents remain inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.

Exceptional Fire Protection

Beyond its impressive burglary deterrence capabilities, the BH-5922 offers 90 minutes of fire protection. This safeguard is essential for protecting not only firearms but also important documents and valuables from the devastating effects of fire. The safe’s fireproofing measures ensure that your possessions are shielded from extreme temperatures, providing peace of mind in the event of a fire emergency.

Tailored for the Firearms Enthusiast

Versatile Storage Solutions

The BH-5922 is designed with the firearms enthusiast in mind, featuring an adjustable and flexible gun rack and shelves that accommodate up to 16 long guns. This customizable interior allows for the efficient organization of rifles, handguns, and ammunition, alongside important documents and valuables. The inclusion of a storage system on the back of the door maximizes space utilization, making the BH-5922 a versatile option for comprehensive firearm and valuables storage.

Advanced Security Features

The Hayman BH-5922 is equipped with a UL RSC Label, attesting to its resilience against break-in attempts. The safe’s relocker and hardplate offer additional protection for the lock and relocker mechanism, securing the safe even in the event of a lock attack. These advanced security features, combined with the safe’s robust construction, provide an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access.

The Hayman BH-5922 emerges as a premier choice for individuals seeking a high-security, burglary, and fire safe that does not compromise on functionality or design. Its comprehensive protection capabilities, coupled with its thoughtful interior design, make it an ideal investment for safeguarding firearms and valuables against both theft and fire. As we continue to explore the unique advantages and specifications of the BH-5922, its status as a top-tier safe for both residential and commercial use becomes increasingly evident.

Advanced Protection and Adaptability

Unyielding Defense Against Burglary and Fire

The Hayman BH-5922’s construction is a testament to Hayman Safe’s commitment to offering superior protection. The 11 gauge steel body and 3/16″ steel plate door provide a robust shield against physical attacks, while the UL RSC Label underscores its tested resilience against burglary attempts. This safe doesn’t just keep unauthorized users out; it acts as a formidable fortress, safeguarding your firearms, documents, and valuables with confidence.

The inclusion of seven active 1 1/4″ locking bolts and three deadbolts ensures a comprehensive security perimeter, making the safe virtually impregnable. The meticulous engineering of the bolt work, coupled with the safe’s relocker and hardplate, guarantees that even the most determined attempts at tampering will be thwarted.

90-Minute Fireproof Confidence

Beyond its impressive burglary deterrence, the BH-5922 offers exceptional fire resistance, certified with 90 minutes of protection. This capability is crucial for owners who store not only firearms but also important documents and irreplaceable valuables within the safe. In the event of a fire, the BH-5922’s fireproofing measures actively work to maintain internal temperatures at safe levels, ensuring the preservation of its contents.

Designed for the Discerning Owner

Customizable Interior for Optimal Organization

The BH-5922 distinguishes itself with an interior designed for versatility and efficiency. With adjustable and flexible gun racks and shelves, this safe accommodates up to 16 long guns, making it an ideal choice for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The thoughtful design extends to the storage system on the back of the door, which offers additional space for smaller items and accessories, enhancing the overall usability of the safe.

Elegance in Security: Aesthetic and Functional Design

Finished with a sleek black powder coat, the BH-5922 combines aesthetic appeal with functional design. This finish not only adds to the safe’s visual appeal but also contributes to its durability, protecting it against scratches and corrosion. The 5-spoke handle adds a touch of elegance, making the safe a stylish addition to any room.

Lifetime Burglary Guarantee and Warranty

Hayman Safe’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in the BH-5922’s lifetime burglary guarantee and 1-year parts & labor warranty. These assurances reflect the brand’s confidence in their product and offer buyers peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected against both burglary and manufacturing defects.
The Hayman BH-5922: Synthesizing Security, Innovation, and Value

A Paradigm of Advanced Security

The Hayman BH-5922 exemplifies the pinnacle of safe design, marrying advanced burglary resistance with exceptional fire protection. Its formidable construction, featuring 11 gauge steel and a 3/16″ steel plate door, sets a new standard for mid-level gun safes. The inclusion of three-way active boltwork, combined with seven active locking bolts and three deadbolts, ensures a level of security that is both comprehensive and impenetrable.

Exemplary Fire Protection

Beyond its robust defense against unauthorized access, the BH-5922 offers 90 minutes of fire resistance, providing an essential safeguard for irreplaceable items and documents. This fire protection capability is a testament to Hayman Safe’s commitment to offering multifaceted security solutions that address the diverse needs of their clientele.

Designed for the Discerning User

The BH-5922’s interior, with its customizable shelving and gun rack system, reflects a deep understanding of the practical needs of gun owners and security-conscious individuals. The capacity to accommodate up to 16 long guns, along with additional storage options on the back of the door, ensures that every item can be securely stored and easily accessed.

Elegance and Durability

Finished with a sophisticated black powder coat and accented with a 5-spoke handle, the BH-5922 merges aesthetic appeal with durability. This design not only enhances the visual appeal of the safe but also ensures its longevity, making it a valuable addition to any space.

Unmatched Assurance and Support

Backed by a lifetime burglary guarantee and a comprehensive 1-year parts & labor warranty, the BH-5922 stands as a testament to Hayman Safe’s confidence in their product and dedication to customer satisfaction. These guarantees offer owners peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected against both burglary and manufacturing defects.

Why the Hayman BH-5922 is the Optimal Security Investment

Choosing the Hayman BH-5922 means prioritizing security, reliability, and versatility. This safe is not merely a storage solution; it is a comprehensive security system designed to protect the most valuable possessions from both theft and fire. For gun owners, collectors, and anyone in need of a high-security safe, the BH-5922 offers unmatched protection and peace of mind.

Additional information

Weight415 lbs
Dimensions16 × 22 × 59 in


Burglary Rating


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches


Door Clearance

51.75" x 16.13"

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fire Rating


Fits Closet


Gun Capacity


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing

Total Body Thickness

0.120 (11 Ga)

Total Door Thickness


Total Steal in body

14 Ga

Total Steel on Door


Weight (lbs)


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