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Gardall Z2218 Combination Security Fire & Burglary Chest

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Advanced Security Features

The Gardall Z2218 sets the standard for advanced security features in both burglary and fire protection. With its dual security “B” rating and 2-hour fireproof construction, this safe offers unparalleled protection for your valuables. The Class “B” rated interior safe construction ensures that your belongings are safeguarded against both theft and fire, providing you with peace of mind and security you can trust.

Robust Construction

Crafted from the highest quality materials and built to last, the Gardall Z2218 is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Its fire-resistive exterior is insulated to withstand temperatures of up to 1850°F for 2 hours, ensuring that your valuables remain safe even in the event of a fire. Additionally, the triple boltwork with an independent relock device on the interior door and 3-way interlocking bolts on the exterior door provide added security against unauthorized access.

Finest Quality Locks

Equipped with the finest quality combination locks, the Gardall Z2218 offers reliable and secure access to your valuables. The U.L. listed Group II locks feature a built-in relocking device or key-op lock, ensuring that your belongings are protected against tampering and unauthorized entry. With these high-quality locks, you can rest assured that your valuables are secure at all times.

Versatile Design

The Gardall Z2218 features a versatile design that makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect your jewelry, cash, and important documents or a business owner in need of secure storage for sensitive information and assets, this safe is the perfect solution. Its compact size and customizable locking options make it easy to integrate into any environment, providing you with the security and peace of mind you need.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, the Gardall Z2218 offers added assurance and confidence in your investment. In the unlikely event that your safe is damaged or compromised, Gardall will replace it free of charge, ensuring that your valuables are always protected. With this industry-leading warranty, you can trust that your Gardall safe will provide reliable security for years to come.

The Gardall Z2218 is meticulously engineered to provide top-tier security against both burglary and fire threats, making it an ideal choice for safeguarding valuables in both residential and commercial settings. With its robust construction and advanced features, this safe offers peace of mind and reliable protection for your most prized possessions.

Burglary and Fire Protection

Equipped with a dual security “B” rating, the Gardall Z2218 ensures exceptional resistance against unauthorized access attempts. Its Class “B” rated interior safe construction adds an extra layer of security, allowing the door of the inner safe to be interchangeable with other Gardall safes’ key lock or combination. This feature enhances versatility and convenience for users who may have multiple Gardall safes in their premises.

Moreover, the Z2218 is built to withstand extreme temperatures in the event of a fire. Its fire-resistive exterior is insulated to endure temperatures of up to 1850°F for a remarkable duration of 2 hours. This ensures that your valuables remain protected even in the face of intense heat and flames, providing ample time for emergency responders to mitigate the situation.

Advanced Locking Mechanisms

Security is further bolstered by the inclusion of premium-quality combination locks, which are U.L. listed Group II with a built-in relocking device or key-op lock. These locks are designed to withstand manipulation attempts and provide reliable access control, ensuring that only authorized individuals can open the safe.

The relocking device is an essential feature that activates if the back cover of the lock is tampered with, preventing bolt withdrawal and thwarting intrusion attempts. Additionally, the boltwork on both the interior and exterior doors consists of triple boltwork with an independent relock device, offering maximum protection against forced entry.

Durable Construction and Warranty

Crafted with durability in mind, the Gardall Z2218 features a rugged build with hard plates on both the interior and exterior doors. The 3-way interlocking bolts extend into the safe walls, while dead bolts on the hinge side of the door further deter forcible entry by preventing the removal of hinges.

For added convenience, the Z2218 is available with an electronic push-button lock, offering alternative access options to suit varying user preferences. Furthermore, Gardall stands behind the quality and reliability of its products by offering a lifetime replacement warranty, ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind for customers.

Versatile Design and Installation

The Gardall Z2218 is designed to blend seamlessly into any environment, thanks to its sleek and compact exterior dimensions. Measuring 29.25 inches in height, 23.25 inches in width, and 25.75 inches in depth, this safe can be conveniently placed in various locations, whether in a closet, office, or business establishment. Its standard colors of gray or sandstone further ensure that it complements any decor scheme.

Additionally, the Z2218 comes equipped with a center bolt-down hole as standard, with hardware included for secure anchoring to the floor. This feature adds an extra layer of security by preventing unauthorized removal of the safe, further enhancing its burglary resistance.

Exceptional Storage Capacity

Despite its compact size, the Gardall Z2218 offers generous storage capacity to accommodate a wide range of valuables and documents. With interior dimensions of 12.50 inches in height, 17.25 inches in width, and 14 inches in depth for the main compartment, as well as 9 inches in height, 18 inches in width, and 16.75 inches in depth for the secondary compartment, this safe provides ample space for organizing and storing items of varying sizes.

Whether it’s jewelry, cash, important documents, or electronic media, the Z2218 ensures that your valuables are securely stored and easily accessible when needed. The Class “B” rated interior safe construction allows for flexible customization of the inner compartments, allowing users to tailor the safe’s configuration to their specific storage needs.

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Weight645 lbs
Dimensions25.75 × 23.25 × 29.25 in


Burglary Rating


Business Safe


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches

MS: 3019 SS: 2714

Double Door


Electronic Lock


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External Height


External Width


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Fits Closet


Home Safe


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