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Gardall TL30-6222 TL-30 Commercial High Security Safe

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Superior Security

The Gardall TL30-6222 safe sets the standard for high-security storage solutions, offering unparalleled protection for your valuables. Built with precision engineering and advanced materials, this safe is designed to withstand sophisticated burglary attempts and provide reliable fire protection. Whether you’re storing cash, jewelry, important documents, or other valuables, you can trust the TL30-6222 to keep them secure.

Robust Construction

Constructed with durability in mind, Gardall TL30-6222 safe features a heavy-duty design built to withstand attacks from even the most determined burglars. The door construction consists of a 5 1/2” overall thickness, including a 3” slab of High Density Fiber Reinforced Barrier Material (TDRII*), providing exceptional resistance against drilling, cutting, and prying. Additionally, the body of the safe incorporates a 2 1/2” slab of High Density Barrier Material, further enhancing its resistance to physical attacks.

Advanced Security Features

Equipped with advanced security features, the TL30-6222 safe offers comprehensive protection against unauthorized access. The cross locking relockers engage in the event of a tampering attempt, preventing the safe from being opened by force. A punch-resistant spindle handle and lock provide added security, while a tempered glass relocking trigger ensures that the safe remains secure even if the lock is compromised. Furthermore, a bridge-mounted lock and 1 1/2″ formed stainless steel locking bar further enhance the safe’s resistance to tampering.

Reliable Fire Protection

In addition to its exceptional security features, Gardall TL30-6222 safe also provides reliable fire protection, ensuring that your valuables remain intact even in the event of a fire. Tested to withstand temperatures of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, with an interior temperature maintained below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour, this safe offers peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safe from both theft and fire damage.

Enhanced Security Features

The TL30-6222 safe is equipped with a Group 2M listed combination lock, providing reliable access control while ensuring ease of use. For added security, a key lock option is available, allowing for dual custody and further restricting access to authorized personnel only. Customers can also opt for a Group 1R lock, available at an additional cost, for enhanced security requirements.

Heavy-Duty Hinges

The massive heavy-duty adjustable ball bearing hinges of the TL30-6222 safe ensure smooth operation and long-lasting durability. These hinges are designed to withstand frequent use and provide stability, ensuring that the door remains securely attached to the body of the safe even under extreme conditions.

Ample Storage Space

With its spacious interior dimensions of 62”H x 22”W x 20”D, Gardall TL30-6222 safe offers ample storage space for a wide range of valuables, including cash, jewelry, important documents, and more. The four adjustable shelves provide convenient organization options, allowing users to customize the interior layout according to their specific storage needs.

Versatile Applications

Designed for both commercial and residential use, Gardall TL30-6222 safe is suitable for a variety of applications. Whether used in a retail environment to secure cash and valuable merchandise, in a corporate setting to protect sensitive documents and data, or in a residential setting to safeguard personal belongings, this safe offers versatile security solutions for any situation.

Trust Gardall for Your Security Needs

For over 70 years, Gardall Safe Corporation has been a trusted name in the security industry, known for manufacturing premium quality safes that provide unparalleled protection for homes and businesses alike. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Gardall continues to innovate and improve its products to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Fire Protection

In addition to its formidable security features, Gardall TL30-6222 safe also offers reliable fire protection to safeguard its contents against the devastating effects of fire. Tested to withstand temperatures of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, the safe’s interior temperature remains below 350 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 1 hour during a fire. This critical feature ensures that sensitive documents, digital media, and other heat-sensitive items remain intact and protected, providing peace of mind to users in the event of a fire emergency.

Premium Construction Materials

Constructed from high-quality materials, including High Density Fiber Reinforced Barrier Material and High Density Barrier Material, Gardall TL30-6222 safe offers exceptional strength and durability. The 5 1/2” overall door thickness, combined with a 3” slab of High Density Fiber Reinforced Barrier Material, provides superior resistance against forced entry attempts, while the 2 1/2” slab of High Density Barrier Material in the body of the safe enhances its overall security and structural integrity.

Trusted Security Solutions

With its impressive security features, spacious interior, and robust construction, the Gardall TL30-6222 safe is the ideal choice for customers seeking premium security solutions for their homes and businesses. Whether protecting cash, jewelry, important documents, or other valuables, this safe delivers reliable security and peace of mind in any setting.

In conclusion, the Gardall TL30-6222 safe combines advanced security features, reliable fire protection, and premium construction materials to offer unparalleled protection for homes and businesses. With its spacious interior, versatile applications, and trusted reputation, this safe provides a comprehensive security solution for safeguarding valuables against theft, fire, and other threats. Trust Gardall Safe Corporation for all your security needs, and invest in the TL30-6222 safe for premium security and peace of mind.

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Weight2300 lbs
Dimensions28.5 × 27 × 67 in


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Business Safe


Combo Lock


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External Depth


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High Density Barrier Material

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Fits Closet


High Security


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