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Gardall PS96-BE Handgun and Pistol Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 3.31″H x 12.13″W x 10.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 2.63″H x 9.50″W x 6.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.09
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Convenient handle to carry
  • Velcro straps to hold handguns in place
  • 4-digit personalized code and override key included


Introducing the Gardall PS96-BE: A New Standard in Gun Safety and Security

In the landscape of firearm safety and security, the Gardall PS96-BE Pistol Safe sets a new benchmark. Designed with the discerning gun owner in mind, this safe combines advanced security features with the convenience and peace of mind needed to responsibly store handguns. Whether for personal protection or as part of a larger collection, the PS96-BE offers unmatched protection for your firearms, ensuring they are accessible only to authorized users.

Advanced Biometric Security: The Future of Gun Safety

At the heart of the PS96-BE’s security features is its state-of-the-art biometric fingerprint reader. This cutting-edge technology offers a personalized level of security, ensuring that access to the safe’s contents is limited to registered fingerprints. The biometric reader is complemented by a 4-6 digit personal code, offering a dual layer of security that sets this pistol safe apart. The no-tone, backlit keypad ensures discreet and easy access, even in low-light conditions, making the PS96-BE an ideal choice for bedside storage.

The inclusion of a mechanical override key provides a fail-safe access method, ensuring that in any scenario, entry to the safe is possible. This comprehensive approach to security underscores Gardall’s commitment to providing reliable, user-friendly solutions for gun storage.

Designed for Durability and Resistance

Quality steel construction forms the backbone of the PS96-BE, crafted to withstand attempts at unauthorized entry. The door is specifically designed to be pry-resistant, adding an extra layer of security against forced access. This robust construction is indicative of Gardall’s dedication to quality and durability, ensuring that your firearms are protected not just from unauthorized access but also from physical tampering.

Adding to its security features, the PS96-BE includes bolt-down holes for anchoring, complete with hardware. This allows for secure installation in a location of your choice, be it a closet, beside the bed, or within a cabinet, further deterring theft and ensuring the safe remains where it is most effective.

User-Friendly Features for Optimal Gun Storage

Recognizing the importance of not only securing but also maintaining the condition of firearms, the PS96-BE features a gas spring-assisted door for smooth and effortless access. Upon opening, owners are greeted with a foam-lined interior, equipped with Velcro straps designed to hold guns in place securely. This thoughtful interior design protects firearms from scratches and damage, while also organizing them for quick retrieval.

The Gardall PS96-BE represents a harmonious blend of security, convenience, and responsible gun ownership. Its advanced security features, coupled with durable construction and thoughtful interior design, make it an essential investment for any gun owner prioritizing the safety and accessibility of their firearms.

The PS96-BE: A Perfect Fit for the Modern Home

The Gardall PS96-BE is not just a safe; it’s an integral component of a modern, responsible gun owner’s home. Its compact size and discreet design make it an ideal choice for a variety of storage locations, from a small gun safe for the closet to a bedside companion for quick access. This versatility ensures that regardless of your living situation, you can securely and conveniently store your handguns without compromising on safety or accessibility.

Emphasizing Safety in Every Detail

Safety is paramount when it comes to firearm storage, and the PS96-BE embodies this principle in every feature. The biometric fingerprint reader and personal code access provide a personalized security layer that is nearly impenetrable to unauthorized users. This biometric technology not only enhances security but also promotes a culture of responsible gun ownership by ensuring that only designated individuals can access firearms.

The mechanical override key serves as an essential backup, guaranteeing access to the safe even in the event of electronic failure. This blend of advanced security features and fail-safe mechanisms demonstrates Gardall’s understanding of the critical importance of reliability in gun safety.

Anchoring Stability and Security

The inclusion of bolt-down holes for anchoring represents another layer of thoughtful design, emphasizing the PS96-BE’s role in securing firearms within the home. By enabling owners to securely anchor the safe, Gardall ensures that the unit remains fixed in its designated location, adding an extra deterrent against theft or unauthorized removal. The provision of anchoring hardware with the safe simplifies the installation process, making it accessible even for those with minimal DIY experience.

Interior Design: Protecting Your Investment

Inside the PS96-BE, the attention to detail continues. The foam-lined interior and Velcro straps are not merely functional; they’re indicative of Gardall’s commitment to protecting your firearms from damage. This interior setup ensures that each handgun is securely stored and protected from scratches, maintaining its condition over time. The gas spring-assisted door facilitates easy access, ensuring that firearms can be reached quickly and without hassle when needed.

The Gardall Legacy and the Future of Firearm Safety

The Gardall PS96-BE embodies the legacy of Gardall Safes – a legacy built on trust, reliability, and innovation in the field of secure storage solutions. Gardall’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the PS96-BE, from its robust construction to its advanced security features. This commitment ensures that every Gardall safe, including the PS96-BE, not only meets but exceeds the expectations of responsible gun owners seeking to secure their firearms.

Beyond Security: Fostering Responsible Gun Ownership

The PS96-BE is more than a secure storage solution; it’s a tool for promoting responsible gun ownership. By integrating advanced security features such as the biometric fingerprint reader and personalized access codes, Gardall provides gun owners with the means to prevent unauthorized access to their firearms. This emphasis on personal security contributes to a safer community by ensuring that firearms are stored in a manner that is accessible only to those with the right to use them.

The inclusion of a gas spring-assisted door and foam-lined interior further demonstrates Gardall’s commitment to the care and maintenance of firearms. These features not only protect the physical condition of the guns but also ensure that they are readily accessible to authorized users in times of need. This balance between security and accessibility is a cornerstone of responsible gun ownership and a principle that Gardall upholds in every product.

A Commitment to Innovation and Quality

Gardall’s dedication to innovation is evident in the PS96-BE’s design, which reflects an understanding of the evolving needs of gun owners. The safe’s compact size and versatile anchoring options make it an ideal choice for a variety of settings, from homes to offices, embodying Gardall’s commitment to providing security solutions that fit the modern lifestyle. The ability to securely store firearms in a small gun safe for the closet or a small fireproof safe for the home is more than a convenience; it’s a necessity in today’s world.

As gun owners continue to seek out secure storage solutions that offer both protection and peace of mind, Gardall remains at the forefront of this demand. The PS96-BE is a reflection of this ongoing commitment, offering a secure, reliable, and accessible option for firearm storage.

The PS96-BE as a Pillar of Home Security

The Gardall PS96-BE stands as a testament to the importance of secure firearm storage in the modern home. Through its advanced security features, durable construction, and thoughtful design, it provides gun owners with a reliable solution for safeguarding their firearms. As part of Gardall’s esteemed lineup of safes, the PS96-BE carries forward a legacy of quality, innovation, and commitment to promoting responsible gun ownership.

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Weight16 lbs
Dimensions10.75 × 12.13 × 3.31 in


Cubic Inches


Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Home Safe


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