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Gardall GSL4000/F Concealed Heavy Duty Wall Safe

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Technical Features:

  • Outside Dimensions: 12.38”H x 14.38”W x 4”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 12”H x 14”W x 2.75”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.26
  • Weight: 37 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 1 removable shelf
  • Color: Gray
  • Lock: Combination lock
  • 4 built-in anchor holes, (2) ⅜” on each side
  • ¼“ door and ⅛“ steel body

*Provided with 1” flange for easier installation.

*Former Model: SL4000/F

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  • Concealed safe ideal for home and office use
  • Durable and fixed vault
  • Easy to install and access
  • High-security dial combination lock

Concealed safe ideal for home and office use

Gardall GSL4000/F Wall Safe is for you if you need storage but don’t have extra inside room in your closet. This wall-mounted safe is suitable for use at home or in the office because it provides covert safety for your valuables. It has an external dimension of 12.38″H x 14.38″W x 4″D and a storage capacity of 446 cubic inches (0.26 cubic feet). It also has one detachable shelf that may be used as a barrier to keep your cash, documents, jewels, and other valuables organized. If you have larger things and need to use the entire storage area, you may choose not to use this.

Durable and fixed vault

Gardall GSL4000/F Wall Safe has an all-steel, long-lasting construction. It has a 1/8″ thick body and a 1/4″ thick recessed entrance that keeps pry attacks at bay. This safe fits a wall with a depth of 6″, and you can no longer remove it once mounted; despite the fact that Gardall GSL4000/F only weighs 37 pounds, you can be confident that no one can take it away even if you go on a business trip or a mini-vacation in a few days. You can even conceal it behind a picture frame, mirror, or painting so that no visitor or intruder notices the presence of a hidden safe.

Easy to install and access

This safe has a 1″ flange for quick installation and is also cost-effective because you won’t have to spend extra money on plastering and painting touch-ups around the wall during installation. It also has four built-in anchor holes (3/8″ diameter), two on each side, to allow you to mount the safe securely. This should be installed between 16″ on center wall studs.

High-security dial combination lock

Gardall GSL4000/F includes a high-quality UL-rated Group II combination lock with enhanced security thanks to heavy-duty hinges with anti-drill features. Furthermore, this mechanical lock is extremely dependable. It does not require batteries or a power source to function. It also does not pose a risk of online hacking and can be used indefinitely.

The fundamental question is why safety is vital and what you could benefit from it

The major reasons are to keep your private documents and assets safe, as well as to protect not only yourself, but your family and others, through harmful materials out of the hands of unskilled people.

There are many various types of safes to select from, but one thing you must consider is how it will store and secure the things you value the most from burglary, improper use, fire, natural calamities, and any other hazards.

Alpine Safes will provide you with the protection and security you are looking for!

Weight37 lbs
Dimensions4 × 14.38 × 12.38 in


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