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Gardall GF5517-B-C Fire Lined Gun Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 55.25″H x 17.75″W x 16″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 53″H x 16″W x 11.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 5.64
  • Weight: 265 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • 11-gun capacity
  • Fire Rating: 30 Minutes
  • 1/8” thick body and 1/4” door
  • 3-way locking bolts – 5 active 1” bolts


  • Storage safe for rifles
  • Includes door organizer
  • 30-minute fire protection
  • Three high-security locking options

Storage safe for rifles

Gardall GF5517-B-C Gun Safe has an exterior dimension of 55.25″H x 17.75″W x 16″D and weighs 265 pounds. It also has a 5.64 cubic feet wide storage space that can keep up to 11 rifles without scope. This safe can also easily fit inside a closet so you can conceal your guns from your curious toddlers. This extra safety step can help avoid gun accidents and secure your pistols from thieves.

Includes door organizer

With an all-steel structure with a 1/8″-thick body and 1/4″-thick door, this Gardall GF5517-B-C Gun Safe also provides exceptional security for your guns. It also has a full-length door organizer with various pockets for extra ammo and pistol storage.

30-minute fire protection

Gardall GF5517-B-C Gun Safe has a 30-minute fire rating and can protect its items in the case of a fire. This label indicates that if a fire burns at 1,200°F for 30 minutes, the interior temperature remains below 350°F. Its heavy-duty matte black powder finish adds additional layer of fire resistance. Unlike liquid paints, this paint was thermally cured, making it more flame resistant.

Three high-security locking options

Gardall GF5517-B-C Gun Safe includes a basic 3-digit wheel pack lock. When all of the wheels are in their proper positions and the notches align to make a gap where the fence falls, the lock will open. For an extra cost, you can upgrade to a UL combination mechanical lock or a more advanced S&G Titan Electronic Lock that permits easy retrofit without bolt work or mounting screw location adjustments. Use Gardall GF5517-B-C’s four anchor holes during installation for optimal protection and stability. Bolting this safe to a solid surface improves its stability and makes it immobile.

The fundamental question is why safety is vital and what you could benefit from it

The major reasons are to keep your private documents and assets safe, as well as to protect not only yourself, but your family and others, through harmful materials out of the hands of unskilled people.

There are many various types of safes to select from, but one thing you must consider is how it will store and secure the things you value the most from burglary, improper use, fire, natural calamities, and any other hazards.

Alpine Safes will provide you with the protection and security you are looking for!

Additional information

Weight265 lbs
Dimensions16 × 17.75 × 55.25 in


Fire Rating

30 Minutes

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