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Gardall GB1307-G-C Burglary Rated In-Floor Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 14.75″H x 12.88″W x 12.25″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 13.75″H x 12.5″W x 8″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.8
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Lock: Combination
  • 5 active ¾” bolts

*Former Model: B1307-G-C


Gardall GB1307-G-C: Ultimate Concealment and Security

Designed for Discretion: The Gardall GB1307-G-C is ingeniously designed to be buried in the floor and concealed beneath a dust cover, which can easily be hidden under a rug or carpet. This level of concealment not only provides superior security by keeping the safe out of sight but also preserves the decorum of the space it inhabits.

Professional Installation for Enhanced Security: The installation of the GB1307-G-C is recommended to be carried out by a professional safe dealer. This ensures that the safe is properly anchored into the floor, maximizing its security features and leveraging the structural integrity of the building to prevent removal.

Robust Construction and Locking Mechanism: This safe features a “B” rate burglary construction, equipped with 3 active 1” bolts and a Group II U.L. listed combination or electronic push-button locks, offering a high level of security against unauthorized access. The inclusion of a hard plate between the lock and dial ring further fortifies the safe against drilling attempts.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Protection

Independent Relocking Device: An independent relocking device acts as a fail-safe, deterring forced entry by automatically securing the safe if tampering is detected. This feature is crucial for preventing access through brute force, ensuring the contents remain secured under all circumstances.

Reinforced Door Frame and Hinge Protection: The door frame of the GB1307-G-C is reinforced on the bolt side, providing additional resistance against prying and other forms of forced entry. Additionally, a full-length locking bar on the hinge side of the door enhances the safe’s integrity, safeguarding against hinge removal attacks.

Ease of Use: Despite its heavy-duty construction, the GB1307-G-C includes a coil spring assist on all doors, facilitating ease of opening and closing. This user-friendly feature ensures that accessing the safe’s contents does not require excessive effort, blending security with convenience.

Pyramid Shape Body for Solid Anchoring: The unique pyramid shape of the safe’s body is designed for solid anchoring within the floor, creating a stable and immovable security solution. This design choice not only deters theft but also enhances the overall durability of the safe.

The Gardall GB1307-G-C stands as a testament to innovative security solutions, offering homeowners and commercial entities alike a discreet yet formidable option for safeguarding valuables. Its blend of in-floor concealment, robust construction, and advanced locking mechanisms positions it as an ideal choice for those prioritizing both security and aesthetics.

Enhanced Security Through Innovative Design

Optimized for Stealth: The Gardall GB1307-G-C excels in offering security through concealment. Its design allows for installation below floor level, hidden from view under a dust cover that can be discreetly concealed beneath a carpet or rug. This not only makes the safe virtually invisible to potential intruders but also preserves the aesthetic integrity of the space.

Professional Installation for Maximum Security: Emphasizing the importance of professional installation, the GB1307-G-C is designed to be anchored securely into the floor. This process ensures that the safe benefits from an additional layer of security, leveraging the structural strength of the building to prevent removal.

Superior Locking Mechanism for Reliable Access: Featuring a choice between a Group II U.L. listed combination lock or an electronic push-button lock, the GB1307-G-C provides secure and reliable access to authorized users. The presence of a hard plate between the lock and dial ring adds an extra measure of defense against drilling, enhancing the safe’s resistance to sophisticated burglary attempts.

Tailored Features for Comprehensive Protection

Independent Relocking Device: An independent relocking device offers an additional security measure, automatically engaging to secure the safe’s contents in the event of a breach attempt. This feature is crucial for deterring forced entry, ensuring that valuables remain protected under all circumstances.

Reinforced Construction for Enhanced Durability: Gardall GB1307-G-C’s door frame reinforcement on the bolt side and a full-length locking bar on the hinge side augment its resistance to physical attacks. The ½” plate steel door and the pyramid-shaped body designed for solid anchoring provide a formidable barrier against unauthorized access.

User-Friendly Access with Security Assurance: Despite its robust security features, Gardall GB1307-G-C includes a coil spring assist on the door, making it easier for users to open and close the safe. This design consideration ensures that accessing the safe does not compromise its security effectiveness, offering a balance between protection and ease of use.

The Gardall GB1307-G-C represents the epitome of in-floor safe design, combining stealthy integration with rigorous security measures to protect against burglary and unauthorized access. Its thoughtful construction and advanced locking options make it an ideal solution for anyone looking to discreetly secure their valuables within a home or commercial setting.

Strategic Advantages for Enhanced Protection

Seamless Integration into Any Setting: One of the most compelling features of the Gardall GB1307-G-C is its ability to blend into the surroundings. Designed to be buried in the floor and concealed under a dust cover, it offers an unmatched level of discretion, making it an ideal choice for those seeking to maintain the aesthetic appeal of their space while ensuring their valuables are securely protected.

Robust Construction for Lasting Security: Gardall GB1307-G-C’s construction, featuring a ½” plate steel door and reinforced door frame, provides durable resistance against forced entry attempts. Its “B” rate burglary construction and the use of 3 active 1” bolts ensure a high level of security that is resilient over time.

Advanced Locking Mechanism for Secure Access: With the option of a Group II U.L. listed combination lock or an electronic push-button lock, the GB1307-G-C offers reliable security. The inclusion of a hard plate between the lock and dial ring, coupled with an independent relocking device, guarantees that the safe remains secure against lock tampering and drilling efforts.

Key Considerations for Optimal Use

Professional Installation is Key: To maximize the security benefits of the GB1307-G-C, professional installation is recommended. Proper anchoring not only enhances the safe’s protective capabilities but also ensures that it becomes a permanent and immovable fixture within the chosen setting.

Versatile Use Across Various Scenarios: Whether for securing cash, jewelry, documents, or other valuables, the GB1307-G-C’s design makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its discreet nature makes it an excellent choice for residential use, while its robust security features are ideal for commercial environments where cash management is a concern.

Ease of Access Combined with Security: Despite its secure construction, the GB1307-G-C is designed with user accessibility in mind. The coil spring assist facilitates easy opening and closing, ensuring that convenience is not sacrificed for the sake of security.

In sum, the Gardall GB1307-G-C stands as a testament to innovative security design, offering an optimal blend of discretion, durability, and accessibility. Its unique features cater to the nuanced needs of both homeowners and business operators, making it a premier choice for anyone looking to enhance their security strategy with a reliable, hidden floor safe.

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Weight100 lbs
Dimensions12.25 × 12.88 × 14.75 in


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