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Gardall FL2522/2 B-Rated Wide-Body Depository Safe


Lock: *

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  • Outside Dimensions: 33.25″H x 22″W x 17″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top: 5.50″H x 21.50″W x 10.50″D
    • Bottom: 15.75″H x 16″W x 11.75″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage:
    • Top Compartment: 0.72
    • Bottom Compartment: 2.5
  • Weight: 259 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Shelf Count: 2 adjustable shelves
  • Lock: Combination lock
  • Burglar Rating: B

*Add 2” to outside depth for dial and handle.


Gardall FL2522/2: Advanced Security for Commercial Cash Management

Robust Construction for Enhanced Protection: Gardall FL2522/2 is designed with a recessed door, significantly deterring pry attacks by minimizing exposed edges that could be leveraged open. This feature, coupled with heavy-duty “B” rate construction, provides a formidable barrier against unauthorized access, making it an essential safeguard for commercial entities.

Sophisticated Locking Mechanism and Pry Deterrence: Equipped with a UL-listed, Group II combination lock, the FL2522/2 ensures secure access through a reliable and time-tested locking mechanism. Additional security is provided by a hard plate around the lock, which, together with an independent relocker, offers an extra layer of defense, particularly in thwarting attempts to drill or manipulate the lock.

Versatile Deposit Options for Business Needs: The FL2522/2 is available with either a Rotary or Front Loading depository, offering flexible options for businesses to manage deposits efficiently. This versatility allows for the secure drop of cash or envelopes, directly addressing the needs of businesses that require a reliable solution for daily cash handling.

Tailored Features for Maximum Functionality

Customizable Interior for Organizational Efficiency: With two adjustable, removable shelves, the FL2522/2 allows businesses to customize the interior layout to suit their specific storage needs. Whether it’s for storing cash register trays during off-hours or organizing valuable documents, the safe’s interior can be adapted for optimal space utilization.

Secure Compartment for Cash Register Trays: The inclusion of a drop compartment with a cam lock provides a dedicated space for securing cash register trays, further enhancing the safe’s utility in commercial settings. The compartment size is thoughtfully designed to accommodate standard trays, ensuring they are securely stored and readily accessible when needed.

Installation and Anchoring for Added Security: Gardall FL2522/2 features anchoring holes in the bottom, allowing for the safe to be bolted down securely to prevent physical removal. This anchoring capability is critical in commercial environments, where the risk of theft includes the potential for the entire safe to be taken.

The Gardall FL2522/2 stands out as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking advanced security features for cash management and protection. Its combination of durable construction, sophisticated locking mechanisms, and customizable interior options makes it an invaluable asset for commercial entities aiming to enhance their security posture.

Enhanced Security Measures for Comprehensive Protection

Pry-Resistant Design and Lock Security: Gardall FL2522/2 features a recessed door designed to deter pry attacks, a critical consideration for businesses looking for reliable theft prevention. This design, when paired with the hard plate around the lock and independent relocker, creates a formidable barrier against unauthorized access, ensuring the contents remain secure against both sophisticated burglary attempts and opportunistic theft.

Versatile Depository Features: Offering both Rotary and Front Loading depository options, the FL2522/2 caters to various business operations, allowing for secure and efficient deposit of daily takings, envelopes, or documents. This flexibility is essential for businesses that handle diverse transactions and require a secure method for depositing cash without opening the safe.

Operational Efficiency and Customization

Customizable Interior for Organized Storage: The interior of Gardall FL2522/2, with its two adjustable, removable shelves, provides businesses the flexibility to organize their valuables and cash trays efficiently. This adaptability is crucial for maximizing the safe’s utility and ensuring quick access to stored items, thus enhancing operational efficiency.

Dedicated Compartments for Cash Management: With specialized compartments designed to secure cash register trays, Gardall FL2522/2 addresses a common vulnerability in cash management – the out-of-balance cash drawers. By providing a secure location for cash trays when not in use, businesses can significantly reduce petty theft and discrepancies in cash handling.

Secure Anchoring for Added Theft Deterrence: The inclusion of anchoring holes and hardware for bolting the safe down adds an extra layer of security, anchoring the safe firmly to its location and deterring attempts to remove or relocate it. This feature is particularly valuable in commercial settings, where the physical security of assets is a paramount concern.

The Gardall FL2522/2 emerges as a vital tool for businesses aiming to enhance their cash handling processes and secure their operations against theft. Its thoughtful design, incorporating advanced security features and customizable options, ensures that it meets the specific needs of a wide range of commercial environments, from retail to hospitality.

Strategic Value and Comprehensive Security

Optimized for Cash Management: Gardall FL2522/2 is specifically designed to keep cash register trays secure, directly addressing the common challenge of out-of-balance cash drawers. This focus on cash management makes it an ideal choice for retail environments, restaurants, and any business that handles cash transactions, providing a secure location to store cash trays overnight or during non-business hours.

Enhanced Security Features: With its heavy-duty construction, including a 4” thick door and a 3” thick body, the FL2522/2 offers superior protection against burglary attempts. The safe’s recessed door design and hard plate around the lock, coupled with an independent relocking system, provide a formidable barrier against pry attacks and lock manipulation, ensuring the contents remain secure.

Versatile Depository Options: Catering to the varied needs of businesses, the FL2522/2 offers both Rotary and Front Loading depository options, allowing for secure and convenient deposits. This flexibility ensures that businesses can choose the configuration that best suits their operational requirements, enhancing the safe’s utility as a depository solution.

Customizable Interior for Organizational Efficiency: Gardall FL2522/2’s interior is designed for versatility, featuring two adjustable, removable shelves that allow businesses to customize the storage space according to their needs. Whether it’s organizing cash, documents, or other valuables, the safe’s interior can be tailored to maximize efficiency and accessibility.

Secure Anchoring for Added Protection: Understanding the importance of physical security, the FL2522/2 includes anchoring holes in the bottom, enabling businesses to bolt the safe securely to the floor. This anchoring feature deters theft by preventing the entire safe from being removed, adding an extra layer of security.

The Gardall FL2522/2 emerges as a comprehensive security solution, offering businesses a high level of protection for their cash assets and valuable items. Its combination of advanced burglary and fire protection features, along with customizable interior configurations and secure anchoring options, makes it a valuable investment for businesses looking to enhance their security measures.

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Weight259 lbs
Dimensions17 × 22 × 33.25 in


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