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Gardall ES1612-G-E One Hour Fire Rated Record Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 20″H x 16.25″W x 17.50″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 16.5″H x 11.5″W x 11.5″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.3
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Shelf Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: One Hour
  • Lock: Electronic


The Gardall ES1612-G-E: A Paradigm of Fire Safety and Security

In the quest for the ultimate fireproof safe for home and business use, the Gardall ES1612-G-E emerges as a beacon of reliability, security, and durability. Designed with meticulous attention to detail and built to withstand the most challenging conditions, this fire safe offers unparalleled protection for your valuables, documents, and electronic media against fire damage. Gardall, a name synonymous with quality and resilience, introduces the ES1612-G-E as part of its esteemed lineup of fire safes for sale, promising not just security but peace of mind.

Advanced Fire Protection

At the core of the Gardall ES1612-G-E’s design is its exceptional fire resistance capability. Accredited with a U.L. 1-hour, 350°F fire rating, this safe ensures that its contents are protected from the devastating effects of fire for up to one hour, significantly higher than the threshold for the charring of paper. This level of protection is crucial for safeguarding sensitive documents, family heirlooms, or business contracts against unexpected fire outbreaks. The safe’s construction adheres to Gardall’s stringent specifications, featuring a robust outer shell and insulation materials that collectively provide a formidable barrier against heat and smoke.

Electronic Lock Security

The Gardall ES1612-G-E is equipped with a state-of-the-art programmable electronic lock, offering users a high degree of security and convenience. This locking mechanism allows for personalized access codes, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access the safe’s contents. The electronic lock is designed for reliability and ease of use, providing a secure yet accessible solution for everyday security needs. Whether for home or business use, this feature emphasizes the safe’s adaptability to various security scenarios, from preventing unauthorized access to ensuring quick availability of valuables and documents in an emergency.

Durability and Design Excellence

Constructed with a powder-coated paint finish, the ES1612-G-E stands up to wear and tear, maintaining its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity over time. This durable finish is complemented by the safe’s heavy-duty construction, including plated interlocking bolts that extend into the safe walls to prevent tampering and door removal. The door itself is a marvel of engineering, precision-built of extra heavy steel, swinging on heavy-duty hinges, and secured with an interlocking, tongue and groove closure on all sides of the door frame.

The safe’s interior is thoughtfully designed, featuring a pull-out shelf for organized storage and easy access to your valuables. This small fireproof safe for home use doesn’t compromise on capacity or functionality, offering ample space within its 16.50”H x 11.50”W x 12”D interior dimensions to accommodate a variety of items. The inclusion of an adjustable shelf further enhances its versatility, making it suitable for storing everything from documents to jewelry, cash, and small electronics.

Enhanced Security Measures and User Convenience

The Gardall ES1612-G-E stands as a testament to advanced security technology and thoughtful design, specifically engineered to meet the rigorous demands of safeguarding valuables against fire and burglary. This section will further explore the sophisticated security features and user-centric conveniences that set the ES1612-G-E apart as a premier fireproof safe for both home and business environments.

State-of-the-Art Locking Mechanism

Central to the Gardall ES1612-G-E’s security is its programmable electronic lock, offering an optimal blend of security and ease of access. This advanced locking system allows for the customization of access codes, ensuring that only authorized users can gain entry. The flexibility to change codes according to security needs adds an extra layer of protection, making it a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. This feature is particularly valuable in scenarios where access needs to be restricted or changed frequently, such as in businesses or shared spaces.

Structural Integrity and Resistance

Beyond its locking mechanism, the ES1612-G-E’s design incorporates features aimed at thwarting burglary attempts. The safe’s door, constructed from extra heavy steel, is secured with plated interlocking bolts that make it virtually impervious to tampering. These bolts extend deep into the safe’s walls, reinforcing the door’s attachment to the body and significantly enhancing its resistance to forced entry. Moreover, the safe’s heavy-duty hinges ensure that the door operates smoothly, providing reliable access while maintaining an uncompromised level of security.

The inclusion of a center bolt-down feature, complete with hardware, allows for the safe to be anchored securely to the floor. This not only deters theft through removal but also enhances the overall stability of the safe, ensuring that it remains in place even under duress. The Gardall ES1612-G-E’s physical resilience is further amplified by its powder-coated paint finish, which not only protects against corrosion and wear but also adds a layer of durability that keeps the safe looking pristine over time.

Fire Safety and Warranty Assurance

The Gardall ES1612-G-E’s fireproof capabilities are underscored by its U.L. 1-hour, 350°F fire rating, ensuring that contents remain protected even under extreme heat. This certification is a hallmark of Gardall’s commitment to providing safes that offer real-world protection, guaranteeing that your valuables, from documents to digital media, are safeguarded against fire damage.

Accompanying this level of protection is Gardall’s lifetime fire warranty, a pledge of quality and reliability that offers added peace of mind to owners. This warranty not only covers repair or replacement in the event of fire damage but also signifies Gardall’s confidence in the ES1612-G-E’s ability to perform under fire conditions. Additionally, the safe comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, further attesting to its quality and the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Versatility for Home and Business Use

The Gardall ES1612-G-E is designed to accommodate a wide range of storage needs, making it an ideal choice for both home and commercial settings. Its adjustable shelf and pull-out storage feature provide flexible organization options, allowing users to customize the interior space to fit their specific requirements. Whether for securing cash, jewelry, important documents, or electronic devices, the ES1612-G-E offers ample space and the necessary protection to keep your valuables safe from fire and theft.

The Gardall ES1612-G-E: A Comprehensive Solution for Security and Peace of Mind
As we conclude our in-depth look at the Gardall ES1612-G-E, it’s clear that this safe represents the epitome of Gardall’s commitment to combining fire resistance, burglary deterrence, and user-friendly features into a single, formidable unit. This final section highlights the overarching benefits of choosing the ES1612-G-E for your security needs and the impact it can have on safeguarding your most precious belongings.

Unrivaled Peace of Mind

The Gardall ES1612-G-E goes beyond mere storage; it offers unparalleled peace of mind. Knowing that your valuable documents, heirlooms, or business assets are protected against both fire and unauthorized access allows you to focus on what matters most without the constant worry of potential loss. This sense of security is invaluable, especially in today’s unpredictable environment where risks abound from every corner. The ES1612-G-E stands as a vigilant guardian, ensuring that your valuables are safe and sound, come what may.

Adaptable to Various Needs

Whether for personal use in a home setting or for protecting business assets, the ES1612-G-E’s design caters to a broad spectrum of security needs. Its compact size, coupled with a generous internal capacity, makes it an ideal choice for small spaces or for those requiring a discreet yet effective security solution. The safe’s adjustable shelf and pull-out drawer further enhance its versatility, allowing for customized organization of contents based on individual preferences or business requirements.

The electronic lock, with its programmable access codes, adds a layer of convenience and adaptability, enabling secure yet straightforward access for authorized users. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to grant access to multiple employees while maintaining strict control over who can open the safe.

A Testament to Durability and Quality

Gardall’s reputation for durability and quality is embodied in the ES1612-G-E. Constructed with heavy-duty materials and finished with a powder-coated paint, this safe is built to withstand the test of time, maintaining its integrity and functionality through years of use. The inclusion of a center bolt-down option further speaks to its durability, ensuring the safe remains anchored and secure against physical attempts to remove or breach it.

Moreover, Gardall’s lifetime fire warranty and replacement guarantee serve as testaments to the quality and reliability of the ES1612-G-E. These warranties underscore Gardall’s confidence in their product and offer users added assurance that their investment is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

A Smart Investment in Security

Choosing the Gardall ES1612-G-E is a smart investment in the security and safety of your most important belongings. It offers a sophisticated blend of fire protection, burglary deterrence, and operational convenience, all wrapped in a durable and reliable package. Whether safeguarding personal treasures or securing business assets, the ES1612-G-E provides the advanced protection and peace of mind that only a Gardall safe can offer.

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Weight143 lbs
Dimensions17.5 × 16.25 × 20.5 in


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