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Gardall BL1337CC Back Loading Double Door Depository Safe

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Introducing the Gardall BL1337CC: The Pinnacle of Cash Management Security

The Gardall BL1337CC represents a significant advancement in the realm of cash management and security. Tailored for businesses that require immediate and secure deposit capabilities without sacrificing access control, this safe combines the practicality of a drop safe with the robust security features Gardall is known for. Whether for retail settings, restaurants, or any cash-handling operation, the BL1337CC offers an unparalleled solution for managing deposits efficiently and securely.

Superior Design for Enhanced Security

At the heart of the Gardall BL1337CC’s security features is its Class B insurance rating, which signifies a high level of security against attempted burglary. The safe boasts a ½” steel door equipped with a punch-resistant bolt and a relocking device, designed to deter and withstand forcible entry attempts. This level of door security is complemented by the safe’s 1/4” steel body construction, providing a formidable barrier against unauthorized access.

The dual custody key locks or the option for a U.L. Group II combination lock further enhance the safe’s security. These locks require two keys to open, adding layer of security by ensuring that no single individual has unilateral access to the safe’s contents. This dual-custody feature is essential for businesses that prioritize internal controls and the integrity of their cash management processes.

Innovative Deposit Features

The Gardall BL1337CC is distinguished by its versatile deposit options, including a rotary hopper and a front-loading capacity. The rotary hopper, with dimensions of 3 3/4” x 9” x 4”, is ingeniously designed to fit most standard money bags and envelopes, allowing for quick and secure deposits without the need to open the safe. This feature is particularly advantageous for businesses that experience high volumes of cash transactions, providing a secure method for immediate deposit and reducing the risk of cash handling errors or theft.

The front-loading capacity is designed to accommodate larger money bags, measuring 3” x 10 1/2” x 7”, ensuring that businesses can securely deposit larger sums with ease. This flexibility in deposit options makes the BL1337CC an ideal choice for a wide range of business applications, from small retail shops to larger commercial operations.

Built-in Theft Deterrence

Gardall’s exclusive baffle design is a critical feature of the BL1337CC, preventing the contents from being removed through the entry opening. This design ensures that once deposits are made, they cannot be fished out, providing an added layer of security against theft. Additionally, the hopper rotor is built into the safe body and cannot be removed, eliminating a potential vulnerability that could be exploited by burglars to gain access to the safe’s contents.

The inclusion of four anchoring holes in the base of the safe allows for secure installation, ensuring that the safe itself cannot be easily removed from its location. This feature is vital for businesses seeking to anchor the safe to the floor for added security and peace of mind.

Operational Excellence and Versatility of the Gardall BL1337CC

The Gardall BL1337CC safe is not just a secure container; it’s a comprehensive cash management system designed to meet the rigorous demands of commercial environments. Its operational features and versatility in use make it an essential asset for businesses looking to enhance their security protocols and cash handling efficiency. This section will explore the operational advantages and flexible applications that make the BL1337CC a standout choice for businesses across various sectors.

User-Friendly Deposit Mechanisms

Understanding the need for quick and secure deposits, the BL1337CC is equipped with user-friendly features that streamline the deposit process. The safe’s rotary hopper is designed for ease of use; operators simply drop contents into the rotor drum and turn it slowly to ensure deposits fall into the secure compartment. This feature is crucial for busy retail settings where time is of the essence, and the security of daily takings cannot be compromised.

The front-loading depository further enhances the safe’s versatility, allowing for the deposit of larger items such as big money bags. This straightforward mechanism requires users to pull the drop door forward, place items inside, and then release the door to secure the deposit. Such operational simplicity ensures that all staff members can securely manage deposits without direct access to the safe’s contents, maintaining a high level of internal control and reducing the risk of internal theft.

Advanced Security Features

Gardall’s commitment to security is evident in the BL1337CC’s construction and locking mechanisms. The triple boltwork with an independent relocking device adds a significant layer of security, ensuring that even if the lock is tampered with or the back cover is removed, the safe remains securely locked. This feature is critical in deterring and defending against sophisticated burglary attempts, providing businesses with confidence in their security measures.

The option to choose between dual custody key locks, a U.L. Group II combination lock, or an electronic lock allows businesses to select the security configuration that best fits their operational needs and security protocols. The capability of the U.L. Group II combination lock to offer over 1 million possible combinations ensures that the safe’s access can be tightly controlled and changed as needed, providing a dynamic and responsive security solution.

Designed for Durability and Aesthetics

With a weight of 215 lbs and dimensions that accommodate a variety of business needs, the Gardall BL1337CC is built for durability. Its ½” steel door and 1/4″ steel body are testament to its robust construction, designed to resist physical attacks and provide long-lasting service. Additionally, the safe’s standard gray color offers a professional appearance that can seamlessly integrate into any business environment, from the back office of a retail store to the manager’s office in a restaurant.

The inclusion of four anchoring holes for secure installation is a thoughtful design benefit, ensuring that the safe can be firmly attached to the floor, deterring removal or tampering. This feature is particularly important in commercial settings where safes can be targeted for removal during burglaries.

Strategic Security and Efficiency with the Gardall BL1337CC

The Gardall BL1337CC depository safe embodies the pinnacle of strategic security solutions tailored for the dynamic needs of modern businesses. Its design and features are not only about safeguarding assets but also about enhancing operational efficiency and integrity. This final section will highlight the strategic advantages of integrating the BL1337CC into your business operations and how it reinforces security while optimizing cash handling processes.

Comprehensive Security Strategy

The Gardall BL1337CC is more than a safe; it’s a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. Its dual custody key locks and U.L. Group II combination lock options are designed to ensure that access to deposited funds is strictly controlled, minimizing the risk of internal theft and enhancing the accountability of cash handling processes. This level of security is crucial for businesses that handle significant amounts of cash daily, providing peace of mind that deposits are secure until they can be transferred to a financial institution.

Furthermore, the safe’s independent relocking device, which activates if the lock’s back cover is compromised, ensures that the contents remain secure under attempted breach. This feature, along with the safe’s robust construction, positions the BL1337CC as a formidable barrier against both physical and sophisticated burglary attempts, making it an essential element of any business’s security measures.

Optimizing Cash Handling Efficiency

In addition to its security features, the Gardall BL1337CC enhances operational efficiency through its easy-to-use deposit mechanisms. The rotary hopper and front-loading depository allow for quick and secure deposits without the need to open the safe, streamlining the cash management process and reducing the time staff spend handling cash. This efficiency is vital in fast-paced business environments where time is a valuable resource, and the focus should be on customer service and operational responsibilities rather than manual cash management tasks.

The safe’s design also includes thoughtful features like anchoring holes for secure installation and a choice of standard colors to fit any business interior. These aspects ensure that the BL1337CC not only provides top-tier security but also complements the aesthetic and functional requirements of business settings.

A Valuable Investment in Business Security

Choosing the Gardall BL1337CC is an investment in your business’s security and operational efficiency. Its specialized design for cash handling, combined with advanced security features, makes it an invaluable asset for any cash-intensive business. From retail stores and restaurants to service-based businesses and beyond, the BL1337CC offers a secure, efficient solution for managing daily deposits and enhancing overall security protocols.

Moreover, Gardall’s reputation for quality and reliability, as evidenced by the BL1337CC’s construction and features, underscores the value of this safe as a long-term investment in your business’s security infrastructure. With the BL1337CC, businesses not only deter theft and protect against fire but also streamline their cash handling processes, reinforcing both security and operational efficiency.

The Gardall BL1337CC—A Keystone of Business Security

In conclusion, the Gardall BL1337CC stands as a testament to Gardall’s commitment to providing innovative, reliable safes that meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. Its combination of security features, efficiency-enhancing design, and operational flexibility makes it an indispensable tool for businesses committed to safeguarding their assets and optimizing their cash management processes. The BL1337CC is not just a safe—it’s a strategic asset that supports the integrity, efficiency, and security of your business operations, making it a wise choice for any business looking to fortify its security measures and streamline its cash handling procedures.

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Weight215 lbs
Dimensions13 × 14.5 × 36.5 in


Burglary Rating


Business Safe




Combo Lock


Cubic Inches

Top: 1742 Bottom: 2180

Door Clearance

12" x 12"

Double Door


Drop Slot


Drop Slot Location

Rear Loading

External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Internal Depth (Bottom)


Internal Depth (Top)


Internal Height (Bottom)


Internal Height (Top)


Internal Width (Bottom)


Internal Width (Top)



Free Standing



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