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Gardall BL1328C Rear Loading Depository Safe

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Gardall BL1328C: Robust Security for Business Needs

The Gardall BL1328C represents the pinnacle of secure cash handling and deposit solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring immediate and secure deposit capabilities. This heavy-duty single door depository safe combines advanced security features with practical design, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to protect money collections and valuable items from theft or unauthorized access.

Designed for Immediate Deposit and Protection

Key to the BL1328C’s functionality is its capability to allow deposits to be made while the safe remains securely locked, a crucial feature for businesses that handle cash transactions throughout the day. The safe’s exclusive baffle design is ingeniously crafted to prevent the removal of contents through the entry opening, ensuring that once deposits are made, they cannot be accessed without proper authorization. This design is complemented by a hopper rotor built directly into the safe body, which cannot be removed or manipulated to gain access, offering an added layer of security.

Heavy-Duty Construction and Insurance Rating

The Gardall BL1328C boasts a CLASS B Insurance Rating, indicating its high level of security. It features a ½” steel door equipped with a punch-resistant bolt and relocking device designed to deter forcible entry attempts. The body of the safe is constructed from 1/4” steel, providing a sturdy barrier against attempted breaches. This robust construction is a testament to Gardall’s commitment to offering safes that provide both security and durability.

Dual Custody Key Locks and Locking Options

For businesses requiring absolute security, the BL1328C offers dual custody key locks, necessitating two keys to open the door, thereby ensuring that access is tightly controlled and monitored. Alternatively, the safe is available with the finest quality U.L. Group II combination lock, offering a key changeable combination with over 1 million possible choices, allowing for customizable security based on individual business needs. Additional locking mechanisms, including a key-operated lock or an electronic lock, are also available, providing flexibility to choose the best security option for your business.

Versatile Deposit Features for Various Needs

GardallBL1328C is equipped with a rotary hopper capable of fitting most standard money bags and envelopes, designed for businesses that need to make deposits without opening the safe. For larger deposits, the front-loading capacity accommodates most large money bags, ensuring that items can be securely deposited with ease. These features, combined with the safe’s anchoring capability, courtesy of 4 anchoring holes in the base, make the BL1328C a versatile and secure option for various business operations.

The Gardall BL1328C depository safe is specifically engineered to provide businesses with a secure solution for cash handling and valuable storage, combining heavy-duty construction with innovative security features to protect against unauthorized access and theft.

Advanced Security Features for Maximum Protection

Innovative Relocking Device: Gardall BL1328C is equipped with a sophisticated relocking device, a critical feature designed to activate if the back cover of the lock is compromised. This independent relock device prevents bolt withdrawal, ensuring that the contents remain secure even in the face of attempted tampering or forced entry. This level of security detail underscores Gardall’s commitment to creating safes that offer superior protection.

Dual Custody and Lock Options: Recognizing the diverse security needs of businesses, the BL1328C offers dual custody key locks as a standard feature, requiring two keys to open the door and ensuring a high level of security control. For businesses seeking customizable security, the safe also features a U.L. Group II combination lock with over 1 million possible combinations. Additional options include key-operated locks and electronic locks, allowing businesses to select the locking mechanism that best fits their operational requirements.

User-Friendly Operation for Efficient Business Processes

Rotary and Front Loading Depository: Gardall BL1328C simplifies the deposit process with its rotary hopper and front-loading capabilities. The rotary hopper, designed to accommodate standard money bags and envelopes, ensures a secure and straightforward deposit process. Similarly, the front-loading feature is tailored for larger items, providing a practical solution for businesses that handle significant cash transactions. These deposit options are engineered to enhance operational efficiency without compromising security.

Ease of Installation and Use: With its compact dimensions and standard gray powder-coated finish, the BL1328C is designed for easy integration into business settings. The inclusion of 4 anchoring holes in the base, along with provided hardware, facilitates secure installation, anchoring the safe to prevent removal. This feature, combined with the safe’s user-friendly operation, makes the BL1328C a practical addition to any business’s security protocol.

The Gardall BL1328C embodies the ideal combination of advanced security, operational efficiency, and practical design. Its comprehensive features address the critical needs of businesses for secure cash handling and deposit, offering a reliable solution to protect against theft and unauthorized access. With its robust construction, versatile locking options, and user-friendly deposit features, the BL1328C stands out as a superior choice for businesses seeking a dependable depository safe.

Strategic Advantages for Enhanced Business Security

Optimized Cash Handling: The Gardall BL1328C is specifically designed to optimize cash handling processes for businesses. Its secure deposit features, including the rotary hopper and front-loading capacity, allow for quick and secure deposits without the need to open the safe. This functionality is crucial for maintaining continuous cash flow during business hours while minimizing the risk associated with cash handling.

Prevention of Unauthorized Access: With its advanced locking mechanisms and relocking device, the BL1328C significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access. The dual custody key locks and the option for a U.L. Group II combination lock or electronic lock ensure that access to the safe’s contents is strictly controlled. This high level of security is essential for businesses looking to protect their assets from both external theft and internal fraud.

Integration into Business Environments: The compact design and aesthetic appeal of the BL1328C make it an ideal fit for a variety of business environments, from retail spaces to offices. Its ability to be anchored securely to the floor enhances its theft deterrence capabilities, making it a steadfast component of any business’s security system. The safe’s design also allows for discreet placement, ensuring that it complements rather than intrudes upon the business setting.

Long-Term Investment in Security: Investing in the Gardall BL1328C represents a long-term commitment to securing a business’s assets. Its durable construction, coupled with Gardall’s reputation for quality, ensures that the safe will provide reliable protection for years to come. The safe’s versatile security features and user-friendly operation make it a valuable tool for improving a business’s cash management practices and overall security posture.

The Gardall BL1328C depository safe offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to enhance their security protocols and cash management systems. Its specialized design for immediate deposit, combined with robust burglary deterrence mechanisms and fire protection, positions the BL1328C as an indispensable asset for commercial operations. By integrating advanced security features with practical functionality, the BL1328C enables businesses to safeguard their assets effectively while maintaining operational efficiency.

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12" x 12"

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