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FireKing KF2115-2WHE 90 Minute Fire Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 26.75″H x 20.86″W x 19.88″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 21.25″H x 15.33″W x 13.50″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 2.56
  • Weight: 283 lbs.
  • Color: Arctic White
  • 4 user programmable lock
  • Up to 3 live bolts and up to 2 deadbolts


The FireKing KF2115-2WHE: A Fortress of Security for Your Valuables

In an era where the protection of valuable assets against unforeseen disasters has become paramount, the FireKing KF2115-2WHE emerges as a guardian of unparalleled resilience. This premium fire safe combines heavy steel construction with advanced fire protection technology to offer a sanctuary for your most prized possessions, ensuring that businesses can thrive and family legacies can flourish, undisturbed by the threats of fire or theft.

Robust Construction for Ultimate Peace of Mind

The FireKing KF2115-2WHE stands as a testament to durability and security, with exterior dimensions of 20 6/7 inches in width, 26 3/4 inches in height, and 19 7/8 inches in depth. Crafted from heavy steel, its formidable structure is designed to withstand severe conditions, offering robust resistance against forced entry. At a weight of 283.0 lbs, it anchors securely to its location, serving as an immovable object against the advances of would-be thieves.

Superior Fire Protection: A Shield Against the Flames

Central to the FireKing KF2115-2WHE’s design is its 1 1/2-hour fire protection rating. This significant feature ensures that the safe’s contents are protected from the devastating effects of fire for up to ninety minutes, providing a crucial buffer that can make the difference between preservation and loss. Whether safeguarding critical business documents, legal papers, or irreplaceable personal items, this level of fire resistance offers invaluable peace of mind in the face of disaster.

Spacious Interior: Organized Security for Diverse Needs

Within the robust exterior lies a spacious interior, meticulously designed to accommodate a variety of valuables. With dimensions of 13 1/2 inches in depth, 21 1/4 inches in height, and 15 1/3 inches in width, it provides ample space for everything from documents and digital media to jewelry and cash. This versatility makes the KF2115-2WHE an ideal solution for both commercial and personal use, ensuring that your items are not only secure but also well-organized.

Investment in Protection: Safeguarding Your Legacy

“Rest Easy When You Invest In Protection” encapsulates the essence of the FireKing KF2115-2WHE. It is not merely a safe; it is an investment in the future security of your business operations and the preservation of your family’s heritage. In a world rife with uncertainties, this premium fire safe offers a dependable bulwark against the dual threats of fire and theft, securing your valuables and ensuring that your legacy remains intact for generations to come.

Why Choose the FireKing KF2115-2WHE?

Opting for the FireKing KF2115-2WHE is a choice for unparalleled security and reliability. It stands out in the market of fire safes for sale, offering:

  • Advanced Fire Protection: Its 1 1/2-hour fire rating provides one of the highest levels of protection available, safeguarding your valuables from extreme temperatures.
  • Durable Construction: The heavy steel build and significant weight offer a formidable defense against burglary and unauthorized access.
  • Capacious Interior: Its generous interior dimensions allow for the secure storage of a wide array of items, making it a versatile option for various security needs.
  • Lifetime Investment: This safe represents a long-term investment in the security of your most valuable possessions, be they for professional or personal purposes

A Legacy of Security with FireKing

Choosing a FireKing safe means entrusting your valuables to a brand that has set the industry standard for secure storage solutions. The KF2115-2WHE is a reflection of FireKing’s commitment to excellence, showcasing the brand’s dedication to providing the highest level of protection. With FireKing, you’re not just purchasing a safe; you’re investing in a legacy of security and peace of mind.

Secure Your Future with the FireKing KF2115-2WHE

Investing in the FireKing KF2115-2WHE is a proactive step towards securing your future against unpredictable threats. This fire safe not only offers a robust defense against fire and theft but also serves as a testament to the importance you place on protecting your business’s integrity and your family’s legacy. In choosing the KF2115-2WHE, you are choosing a future where your valuables are safeguarded by the pinnacle of security technology.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most precious possessions are protected under the watchful eye of the FireKing KF2115-2WHE. Decide to secure your valuables, and rest easy knowing that your legacy, whether personal or professional, is in safe hands.

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Weight283 lbs
Dimensions19.88 × 26.75 × 20.86 in


Cubic Inches


Electronic Lock


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External Height


External Width


Fire Rating


Fits Closet


Home Safe


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