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FireKing KF1509-1WHE One Hour Fire Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 19.67″H x 13.75″W x 16.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 15″H x 9.25″W x 12″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.97
  • Weight: 115.93 lbs.
  • Color: Arctic White
  • 4 user programmable lock
  • Up to 2 live bolts and up to 2 deadbolts


FireKing KF1509-1WHE: The Ultimate Safe for Uncompromising Security

In the realm of securing valuables against the unpredictable threats of fire, water, and theft, the FireKing KF1509-1WHE emerges as a beacon of impenetrable protection. Crafted for those who demand the highest standards of safety for their documents, digital media, and other irreplaceable items, this 1-hour fire-rated safe blends advanced security features with unparalleled reliability, making it an indispensable asset for both home and commercial environments.

Exceptional Design for Maximum Protection

The FireKing KF1509-1WHE boasts an intelligently designed exterior, measuring 13 3/4 inches in width, 19 2/3 inches in height, and 16 3/4 inches in depth. This compact yet robust structure ensures that it fits seamlessly into various settings, from the corner of a home office to the confines of a commercial space, without compromising on security or accessibility.

Within its fortified walls lies an interior meticulously configured for optimal use of space. With an inside depth of 12 inches, a height of 15 inches, and a width of 9 1/4 inches, it provides ample room to store essential documents, electronic devices, and personal valuables, all organized and protected against external threats.

Unmatched Fire Resistance

At the core of the FireKing KF1509-1WHE’s defensive capabilities is its 1-hour fire rating. Certified to withstand intense heat, this safe ensures that its contents are shielded from fire damage for up to one hour, offering precious time for emergency services to mitigate the situation. This level of protection is crucial for preserving vital records, heirlooms, and digital information that could otherwise be lost forever in the event of a fire.

Water-Resistant Features for Added Assurance

Understanding that the risks to valuables extend beyond fire, the FireKing KF1509-1WHE is engineered to be water-resistant. This safeguard protects against damage from water intrusion, whether due to firefighting efforts, flooding, or accidental spills, ensuring that your items remain dry and intact no matter the circumstances.

A Fortress Against Theft

Weighing in at 115.93 lbs, the KF1509-1WHE is not just a deterrent to fire and water but a formidable barrier against theft. Its theft-resistant design incorporates state-of-the-art locking mechanisms and reinforced construction, making unauthorized access a nearly impossible endeavor. This level of security is indispensable for peace of mind in today’s world, where the protection of sensitive information and valuable items is paramount.

Versatile Application Across Environments

The FireKing KF1509-1WHE transcends the conventional use of safes. It is equally at home in a residential setting, safeguarding personal treasures, as it is in a commercial space, protecting business assets and sensitive documents. Its design and capabilities make it a versatile choice for anyone looking to combine the benefits of a home fire safe with the rigorous demands of commercial security.

FireKing: Synonymous with Security

Behind every FireKing safe is a legacy of excellence and trust in the field of security solutions. The KF1509-1WHE is a testament to FireKing’s commitment to providing superior fireproof safes that meet and exceed the expectations of users in need of reliable protection. Opting for a FireKing safe means choosing a brand that stands for durability, innovation, and peace of mind.

Why the FireKing KF1509-1WHE Stands Out

In a market filled with options, the KF1509-1WHE distinguishes itself through its comprehensive approach to security. It offers more than just a place to store valuables; it provides a multi-layered defense system against the most common hazards. For those in the process of buying home safes, considering fire safes for sale, or evaluating small fireproof safes for home use, the KF1509-1WHE represents the pinnacle of protection.

A Safe Investment in Security

Investing in the KF1509-1WHE is an investment in uncompromising security and peace of mind. Its combination of fire resistance, water protection, and theft deterrence makes it an essential component of any comprehensive security strategy, whether safeguarding personal items or business assets. In the quest to protect what is invaluable, the KF1509-1WHE stands as a clear choice for those who refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

Embrace Peace of Mind with FireKing KF1509-1WHE

The FireKing KF1509-1WHE is more than just a safe; it’s a guardian of your most precious possessions, offering a level of protection that goes beyond the physical. With its superior construction, innovative security features, and the backing of a trusted brand, the KF1509-1WHE is the ultimate solution for those looking to secure their valuables against all odds. Embrace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your belongings are protected by the best in the business—choose the FireKing KF1509-1WHE for your security needs today.

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Weight115.93 lbs
Dimensions16.75 × 13.75 × 19.67 in


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