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FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF Safe-In-A-File Cabinet


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  • Outside Dimensions: 27.75″H x 17.75″W x 22.13″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.38″ x 12.19″ x 15.13″
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.3
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Color: Black Stone & Diamond Stone
  • Water & Fire Resistant
  • Made in the USA


Introduction to the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF: A Dual-Purpose Marvel

In today’s fast-paced and often unpredictable environment, the security of sensitive documents and personal valuables cannot be overlooked. The FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF emerges as a beacon of protection, designed to meet the rigorous demands of safeguarding against the dual threats of fire damage and unauthorized access. This unit is more than just a file cabinet; it’s a comprehensive security solution that integrates the functionality of a high-capacity filing system with the robust security of a theft-resistant safe.

Robust Construction: Engineered for Endurance

The all-steel construction of the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF sets the standard for durability and resilience. Measuring 27 3/4″ H x 17 3/4″ W x 22 1/8″ D and weighing 195 pounds, its design optimizes storage space without compromising on protection or structural integrity. The entire unit is 1-hour fire-rated, featuring powerful, asbestos-free gypsum insulation that not only enhances fire resistance but also ensures that each drawer acts as a separate insulated container, further safeguarding contents from fire damage.

Innovative Insulation: A Barrier Against Fire

FireKing’s commitment to unparalleled protection is evident in the 2S1822-DDSSF’s advanced insulation technology. The use of asbestos-free gypsum insulation between all drawers ensures that, in the event of a fire, each drawer remains a distinct insulated unit, minimizing the risk of fire spreading within the cabinet. This meticulous approach to insulation provides enhanced protection for stored documents and valuables, offering peace of mind that critical assets are secure in adverse conditions.

Flexible Storage: Adaptable to Your Needs

The FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF is designed with versatility in mind. Its file drawer features a high side drawer body that eliminates the need for separate frames, allowing for the efficient organization of files. The concealed safe-in-a-file offers an additional layer of security for valuables and sensitive items, equipped with a camlock for added protection. This dual-purpose design makes the 2S1822-DDSSF an intelligent choice for those looking to maximize space efficiency while ensuring comprehensive security.

Durability and Aesthetics: A Harmonious Blend

With replaceable steel panels, the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF is designed for longevity and ease of maintenance. In the event of damage, only the affected panels need to be replaced, reducing long-term repair costs and ensuring the cabinet remains functional and aesthetically pleasing. The scratch-resistant powder-coated finish not only enhances the unit’s durability but also adds a sleek, professional appearance that complements any office decor.

Uncompromising Security: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

The theft-resistant features of the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF, including its robust camlock on the safe and the overall 1-hour fire rating, provide a formidable barrier against unauthorized access and fire damage. This level of security ensures that both documents and valuables are protected under all circumstances, offering unparalleled peace of mind to users.

A Testament to Quality

This commitment not only guarantees adherence to the highest standards of production but also supports local economies, reinforcing FireKing’s role as a trusted leader in the field of secure storage solutions.

Warranty and Support: A Promise of Reliability

The FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF comes with a limited one-year warranty, underscoring FireKing’s confidence in the durability and reliability of its products. This warranty, coupled with FireKing’s reputation for exceptional customer support, ensures that users can invest in the 2S1822-DDSSF with confidence, knowing that their security needs are backed by a company committed to their satisfaction.

The Smart Choice for Secure Storage

Choosing the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF represents a smart investment in the security of sensitive documents and valuables. Its innovative design, combining a fire-rated file cabinet with a theft-resistant safe, offers a streamlined, space-efficient solution for comprehensive protection. Whether for a commercial office, medical facility, educational institution, or home office, the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF delivers professional-grade security and fire protection, ensuring that your critical assets are safeguarded for years to come. With its commitment to quality and functionality, the FireKing 2S1822-DDSSF stands as a testament to FireKing’s leadership in the realm of secure storage solutions.

Additional information

Weight237 lbs
Dimensions22.13 × 17.75 × 27.75 in


Business Safe


Cubic Inches


Data/Media Safety


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fill Type

Asbestos-free Gypsum

Fire Rating


Fits Closet


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width


Key Lock



File Cabinet

Weight (lbs)


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