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FireKing 2-1825-C Fire Rated Vertical File Cabinet


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  • Outside Dimensions: 27.75″H x 17.75″W x 25.06″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.38″H x 12.19″W x 19.75″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.45
  • Weight: 257 lbs.


Introduction to Excellence in Protection

The FireKing 2-1825-C is not merely a product but a manifestation of FireKing’s commitment to pioneering secure storage solutions. Designed with precision and built to endure, this fire-rated file cabinet represents the zenith of protection against both fire and unauthorized access. Its robust construction and thoughtful design make it an indispensable asset for businesses, institutions, and homeowners alike, who seek to safeguard their most valuable documents and digital media against unforeseen disasters and security breaches.

Robust Construction for Ultimate Security

At the core of the FireKing 2-1825-C’s design ethos is its all-steel construction, a testament to durability and resistance against forced entry. The cabinet’s formidable structure is complemented by a ¼-inch thick solid steel door, ensuring a robust barrier against any attempts at unauthorized access. This level of security is further enhanced by two ¾-inch diameter solid steel locking bolts, which anchor the door securely upon locking, providing an impenetrable defense against intrusion.

Advanced Locking Mechanism

Securing the contents of the 2-1825-C is a UL high-security key lock, meticulously engineered to offer both reliability and ease of use. This high-grade lock system is designed to thwart tampering and unauthorized access, offering users peace of mind that their sensitive documents are safely stored. For environments requiring shared access, the lock accommodates multiple users, ensuring secure yet flexible access to the cabinet’s contents.

Unparalleled Fire and Impact Resistance

The FireKing 2-1825-C’s prowess extends beyond its physical security features to include exceptional resistance to fire and impact. Certified with a UL 1-Hour 350 Fire Rating, the cabinet is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1700°F for an hour, ensuring the protection of valuable documents and digital media in extreme conditions. This fire resistance is complemented by a UL 30-ft impact rating, which guarantees the cabinet’s integrity and the security of its contents even in the event of significant structural collapses.

Digital Media Protection

In recognition of the increasing value of digital media, the FireKing 2-1825-C includes an ETL 1/2-Hour Fire Rating specifically for the protection of digital devices. This certification ensures that digital assets such as hard drives, USBs, CDs, and DVDs are shielded from fire damage, highlighting the cabinet’s adaptability to modern storage needs.

Ergonomic Design for Enhanced Usability

Beyond its protective capabilities, the FireKing 2-1825-C is designed with the user’s experience in mind. Its interior features two high-strength fixed shelves, offering versatile organization options for a variety of items. The cabinet’s ergonomic design includes a decorative chrome handle that adds a touch of elegance, ensuring that it enhances the aesthetic of any space without compromising functionality.

Water Resistance for Comprehensive Protection

Adding another layer to its defensive capabilities, the FireKing 2-1825-C is built to resist water damage. This feature is particularly crucial in scenarios where fire suppression efforts or water-related incidents could pose a threat to the stored documents and digital media, ensuring comprehensive protection against a wide array of potential hazards.

Installation and Maintenance

Designed for straightforward installation and seamless integration into existing spaces, the FireKing 2-1825-C features pre-drilled anchor holes for secure mounting. This ease of installation, combined with the cabinet’s maintenance-friendly design, underscores FireKing’s commitment to providing secure storage solutions that are accessible and manageable for a wide range of users.

Proudly Made in the USA

Reflecting a commitment to quality and reliability, the FireKing 2-1825-C is proudly manufactured in the USA. This dedication to domestic production not only ensures adherence to the highest standards of craftsmanship but also supports American industry, showcasing FireKing’s dedication to excellence and national economic contribution.

A Comprehensive Solution for Secure Storage

Choosing the FireKing 2-1825-C means investing in more than just a safe; it’s a commitment to peace of mind and security. Its blend of advanced technology, robust construction, and thoughtful design positions it as an unparalleled choice for anyone serious about protecting their valuable documents and assets. Whether for professional settings or personal use, the FireKing 2-1825-C delivers on the promise of top-tier protection, ensuring that your most important possessions are safeguarded under all circumstances.

In an unpredictable world, the FireKing 2-1825-C represents a beacon of reliability, offering a secure haven for your most precious documents and digital media. Its comprehensive approach to security, fire protection, and user-friendly design make it a leading choice in the market for secure document storage solutions. With the FireKing 2-1825-C, users gain not just a product but a lasting assurance that their valuables are protected by the best in the industry.

In summary, the FireKing 2-1825-C embodies the pinnacle of what modern fireproof filing systems can achieve. Offering unmatched protection for valuable documents and digital media, it stands as a testament to FireKing’s leadership in secure storage solutions. Its user-centric design, advanced security features, and unparalleled fire and impact resistance make it an essential asset for safeguarding important documents and valuables. The FireKing 2-1825-C is not just a safe but a comprehensive security solution designed to meet the highest standards of protection, reliability, and ease of use, ensuring that your most precious belongings are kept secure today and for years to come.

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Weight257 lbs
Dimensions25.06 × 17.75 × 27.75 in


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