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AMSEC K-1A B-Rated Undercounter Safe with Deposit Slot

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  • Outside Dimensions: 6″H x 6″W x 12″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 5.63“H x 5.63“W x 10“D
  • Clear Door Safe: 3.81″H x 5″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.18
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Lock: Chicago Key Lock


  • Durable material and construction undercounter safe
  • Provides instant protection for interim cash and check deposits
  • It helps reduce pilferage and internal theft
  • For single or multi-unit installation use

Durable material and construction undercounter safe

AMSEC K-1A Undercounter Safe has a high-strength body structure. It also has a 1/4″ thick A36 solid steel plate-hinged door, which provides exceptional pry assault resistance. This safe also has a B-rating for burglary classification, which verifies its durability, quality, and performance.

Provides instant protection for interim cash and check deposits

If your establishment’s operations involve cash transactions or check payments that require immediate storage,  AMSEC K-1A is an excellent choice. This depository safe has an external dimension of 6″H x 6″W x 12″D, a storage space of 0.18 cubic feet, and a deposit slot that measures 1/2″H x 5″W to accommodate multiple deposits. AMSEC K-1A can be placed under the counter near the cash register for easy access. Please note that overnight storage is not recommended, and you should empty or deposit the safe’s contents within the same business day for better security.

It helps reduce pilferage and internal theft

Employees become more cautious when they are aware that security applications are in place. According to studies, they are less prone to steal in such a working setting. A sawtooth baffle, for example, is included in a depository safe like the AMSEC K-1A Undercounter Safe to prevent pilferage or fishing. This under-counter safe will also reduce employees’ cash exposure, resulting in fewer cases of internal theft. When this occurs, you will have more profit to allocate to other business interests and to increase other employee benefits, so increasing employee morale.

For single or multi-unit installation use

AMSEC K-1A Undercounter Safe can be used as a single unit at the office or at home. However, because of its small size, it can be installed in several units, making it perfect for dormitories, athletic clubs, hospitals, firearms control, and other facilities that require short-term security.

The fundamental question is why safety is vital and what you could benefit from it

The major reasons are to keep your private documents and assets safe, as well as to protect not only yourself, but your family and others, through harmful materials out of the hands of unskilled people.

There are many various types of safes to select from, but one thing you must consider is how it will store and secure the things you value the most from burglary, improper use, fire, natural calamities, and any other hazards.

Alpine Safes will provide you with the protection and security you are looking for!

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Weight16 lbs
Dimensions12 × 6 × 6 in


Burglary Rating


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