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AMSEC IRC916E Hotel & Residential Room Electronic Safe


Programming Device:
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  • Outside Dimensions: 9”H x 16”W x 14”D
  • Inside Dimensions: 8.81″H x 15.81″W x 12″D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.97
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Color: Black
  • Lock: Electronic
  • Extremely lightweight


Advanced Security Technology

Motorized Locking System: At the heart of AMSEC IRC916E’s security features is a sophisticated motorized locking mechanism that ensures quick, secure locking and unlocking of the safe. This system, combined with the latest technology, offers users an effortless operation experience, enhancing the overall security of stored valuables.

Intuitive LED Display and ADA Approved Keypad: The safe’s user-friendly interface is highlighted by an easy-to-read, large LED display that provides clear status updates of the safe. Coupled with a reliable ADA approved keypad, it offers an inclusive user experience, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for all guests and homeowners.

Customizable Access and Enhanced Protection

Flexible Combination Settings: With the capability to set a 4 to 6 digit combination, AMSEC IRC916E offers versatile access options, including a standard hotel room configuration that allows for a new combination to be set by the user each time the safe is used. This feature not only enhances security but also provides personalized access, catering to the specific needs of each user.

Lock-out Penalty and Emergency Override: To counteract unauthorized access attempts, the safe includes a lock-out penalty feature, which activates if the combination is entered incorrectly, locking the safe for 5 minutes. Additionally, an emergency key-lock override system with two keys ensures access is maintained, even in situations where electronic mechanisms may fail.

Designed for Convenience and Aesthetics

Spacious Interior and Thoughtful Features: The interior of AMSEC IRC916E is designed to accommodate tablets, most laptop computers, and other personal valuables, offering ample space without compromising on security. The inclusion of two anchor holes with mounting hardware and a carpeted bottom that conceals anchor bolts illustrates a blend of security and aesthetic consideration.

Durable and Attractive Finish: Featuring an electrostatic powder-coated finish in textured black, the safe not only offers durability but also an attractive appearance that can seamlessly integrate into the décor of any room. The guest instruction label provided ensures straightforward operation, enhancing the user experience.

Tailored Security Solutions

Versatile Access Control: AMSEC IRC916E’s electronic lock system, capable of accepting 4 to 6 digit combinations, adapts to various user preferences, including a standard hotel configuration that allows each guest to set a personal combination. This flexibility not only enhances security by ensuring a unique access code is used each time but also caters to the operational needs of hotels and personal residences alike. Additionally, the option for electronic credit card access presents a modern, convenient alternative for users.

Enhanced Burglary Protection: The incorporation of a lock-out penalty system acts as a significant deterrent to unauthorized access. Following several incorrect attempts, the safe automatically locks up, denying access for 5 minutes and thereby frustrating potential burglars. This feature, coupled with the emergency key-lock override system, ensures that valuables are protected against tampering while providing a backup access method in emergencies.

Design Excellence and Operational Efficiency

Robust Construction: The heavy-duty steel construction of AMSEC IRC916E safe underscores its durability and resistance to physical attacks. Its motorized locking mechanism, reinforced by two steel deadbolts, ensures that the door remains securely locked, safeguarding the contents against theft.

User-Centric Features: The spacious interior of the safe, designed to accommodate devices like tablets and laptops, along with other valuables, reflects an understanding of modern storage needs. The addition of one removable shelf enhances organizational flexibility, allowing users to customize the storage space to their requirements.

Ease of Installation and Use: With two anchor holes and included mounting hardware, AMSEC IRC916E can be securely affixed to various surfaces, adding an extra layer of theft deterrence. The attractive carpeted bottom not only conceals anchor bolts but also adds an element of elegance to the safe’s design. The large LED display, illuminated keypad, and guest instruction label facilitate ease of use, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Aesthetic Integration and Durability

Stylish and Practical Design: AMSEC IRC916E’s textured black electrostatic powder-coated finish not only provides durability but also allows the safe to blend seamlessly into any décor. This aesthetic consideration, paired with its compact size, makes the safe an ideal choice for locations where space and appearance are key considerations.

Unparalleled Protection and Convenience

Emergency Access and Security: The emergency key-lock override system, equipped with two keys, stands as a fail-safe, ensuring that access to the safe’s contents is always possible, even in the event of electronic failure. This feature, coupled with the lock-out penalty mechanism, strikes a balance between secure access and preventive measures against unauthorized attempts, enhancing the overall security protocol of the safe.

Adaptive Access for Diverse Needs: The IRC916E’s capability to set a new combination for every use addresses the dynamic security requirements of hotel operations and personal use, allowing for a fresh code that enhances privacy and security with each access. The integration of an electronic credit card access option further diversifies access methods, offering convenience and flexibility to users.

Designed for Optimal User Experience

Spacious and Organized Storage: The interior design of AMSEC IRC916E, featuring a removable shelf, maximizes storage efficiency, allowing users to easily organize their valuables. The capacity to accommodate tablets, laptops, and other personal items makes this safe not only a security solution but also a versatile storage facility.

Installation and Aesthetic Appeal: With its compact dimensions and elegant black granite finish, the IRC916E integrates seamlessly into any setting, from hotel rooms to home offices. The inclusion of anchor holes and mounting hardware facilitates a secure installation, ensuring the safe remains anchored, enhancing theft deterrence.

Commitment to Quality and Satisfaction

Durability and Maintenance: AMSEC IRC916E’s heavy-duty steel construction and electrostatic powder-coated finish guarantee durability and resistance to wear, maintaining the safe’s aesthetic appeal over time. The design prioritizes low maintenance, with easy battery replacement for the electronic lock, ensuring long-term reliability and user satisfaction.

Packaged for Convenience: The thoughtful packaging of AMSEC IRC916E for UPS shipment underscores AMSEC’s commitment to customer convenience, ensuring safe and efficient delivery. This attention to detail in the product’s distribution complements its overall design and functionality, providing an end-to-end solution that meets the high expectations of today’s consumers.

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Weight29 lbs
Dimensions14 × 16 × 9 in


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