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AMSEC CSC3018 Burglary & Fire Rated Safe


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  •  Outside dimensions: 35.50″H x 23.50″W x 24″D
  •  Inside dimensions: 30”H x 18”W x 16.30”D
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 5.1
  • Weight: 480 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 3
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Burglar Rating: RSC
  • Color: Charcoal Gray (Textured)
  • Lock:  Combination Lock with Tempered Glass Relock Device
  • 4 ⅝” steel door and 2 ⅞” thick body


Unmatched Burglary and Fire Protection

Robust Burglary Deterrence: AMSEC CSC3018 boasts a UL-certified RSC (Residential Security Container) burglary protection rating, ensuring it meets stringent security standards for resisting unauthorized access. This certification reflects the safe’s ability to withstand sophisticated burglary attempts, providing peace of mind to owners about the safety of their valuables.

Superior Fire Resistance: With 120-minute fire protection tested at temperatures up to 1700°F, the CSC3018 stands as a formidable barrier against fire damage. Its construction includes a 4-5/8″ thick composite door and a 2-7/8″ thick composite body, both of which contribute to its ability to maintain an internal temperature of 350°F during severe fire conditions, effectively safeguarding contents from heat and smoke damage.

Advanced Construction and Locking Features

Composite Door and Body: The safe’s door is engineered with a 2″ defense barrier composed of outer and inner steel plates, offering robust resistance against forced entry. The body’s double-wall steel construction encloses a unique proprietary fire-resistant material, enhancing both its burglary and fire protection capabilities.

Locking Mechanism Excellence: AMSEC CSC3018 is equipped with two 1-1/2″ diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts and two 1-1/2″ diameter solid steel dead bolts, which lock deep into the body to prevent door removal during a forced entry attempt. This is complemented by the AMSEC ESL10 U.L. Listed Type 1 electronic lock, which provides a secure and user-friendly access mechanism. The lock is further protected by a tempered glass relock device, adding an additional layer of security in the event of tampering.

Designed for Practicality and Aesthetic Appeal

User-Friendly Design: The CSC3018 features durable powder-coated adjustable shelves, allowing for customizable storage solutions to meet various needs. The heavy-duty steel hinges ensure smooth and easy door operation, enhancing the user experience without compromising security.

Attractive and Durable Finish: Finished in a charcoal gray textured paint, the CSC3018 offers a sleek and professional appearance that can seamlessly integrate into any commercial or residential setting. The full-width fascia panel and matching three-point handle add to its aesthetic appeal, making it not only a secure storage solution but also a stylish addition to any space.

Secure Installation: With an internal counter-sunk anchor hole and included mounting hardware, AMSEC CSC3018 can be securely anchored in place, deterring any attempts to remove or relocate the safe. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the safe’s protective capabilities.

Sophisticated Security Features

Enhanced Locking System: AMSEC CSC3018’s security is anchored by the AMSEC ESL10, a U.L. Listed Type 1 electronic lock renowned for its reliability and resistance to manipulation. This electronic lock, protected by a tempered glass relock device, offers a second line of defense that activates to secure the safe further if the primary lock is compromised during an attempted break-in.

Dual Protection Bolts: The presence of two 1-1/2″ diameter solid steel chrome-plated locking bolts, alongside two equivalent solid steel deadbolts, ensures the door remains firmly secured against forced entry attempts. These locking bolts extend deep into the safe’s body, creating a formidable barrier that is challenging to breach, even with sophisticated tools.

Fire Resistance at Its Core

Advanced Fireproofing Measures: The CSC3018’s 120-minute fire protection at 350°F, tested in conditions up to 1700°F, showcases its ability to safeguard contents against extreme heat. This level of protection is vital for preserving important documents, electronics, and other heat-sensitive materials during a fire, offering significant peace of mind to owners.

Composite Construction for Maximum Insulation: The safe’s 4-5/8″ thick composite door and 2-7/8″ thick composite body are central to its fire resistance capabilities. These features, combined with a heat-expandable intumescent door seal, ensure that the internal temperature of the safe remains controlled, effectively shielding its contents from fire damage.

Design Tailored to User Needs

Customizable Interior for Organized Storage: With durable, powder-coated adjustable shelves, AMSEC CSC3018 allows for the efficient organization of its contents, accommodating a variety of item sizes and types. This customizable interior makes the safe not only a secure but also a versatile storage solution.

Aesthetic Integration into Any Environment: The charcoal gray textured paint finish and full-width fascia panel, complemented by a matching three-point handle, ensure the CSC3018 blends seamlessly into any décor. Its heavy-duty steel hinges facilitate smooth door operation, enhancing user accessibility without sacrificing security.

Secure Anchoring for Added Stability: Equipped with an internal counter-sunk anchor hole and mounting hardware, AMSEC CSC3018 can be firmly anchored in place, adding an extra layer of theft deterrence by preventing the safe from being easily moved or removed.

Comprehensive Protection and Ease of Use

Burglary Deterrence and Fire Resistance: AMSEC CSC3018’s “B” rated construction and UL certified RSC burglary protection, combined with its 120-minute fire protection, provide an all-encompassing shield for valuables. This dual-layer protection ensures that the contents are safeguarded against the most determined of burglars and the most severe of fires, preserving everything from important documents to irreplaceable heirlooms.

Advanced Locking Mechanism: Equipped with the AMSEC ESL10 electronic lock, the CSC3018 offers secure and convenient access while maintaining rigorous security standards. The inclusion of a tempered glass relock device further enhances the safe’s defense mechanisms, ensuring that the safe remains locked under duress, adding an invaluable layer of security.

Thoughtful Design and Practical Features

  • Interior Customization: The CSC3018’s interior, featuring adjustable powder-coated shelves, allows for the organized storage of a wide range of items. This flexibility ensures that users can customize the space to meet their specific storage needs, making it an ideal choice for both commercial applications and home use.
  • Aesthetic Appeal and Functional Design: The safe’s charcoal gray textured paint finish and ergonomic design not only enhance its visual appeal but also ensure it blends seamlessly into any setting. Heavy-duty steel hinges and a smooth door operation mechanism underscore AMSEC’s commitment to combining functionality with style, making AMSEC CSC3018 a complementary addition to any room.
  • Secure and Stable Installation: With its internal counter-sunk anchor hole and provided mounting hardware, AMSEC CSC3018 can be securely anchored to prevent tampering and removal. This feature is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the safe’s protective capabilities, reinforcing its status as a steadfast guardian of valuables.

A Premier Choice for Security

In summary, the AMSEC CSC3018 Commercial Security Safe represents a superior choice for those in need of a reliable security solution that addresses both burglary and fire threats. Its blend of advanced protection features, customizable and user-friendly design, and aesthetic compatibility with a variety of environments makes it a standout option in the realm of commercial and residential safes.

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Weight480 lbs
Dimensions24 × 23.5 × 35.5 in


Burglary Rating


Fire Rating

2 Hours

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