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AMSEC CFX252016 AMVAULTx6 High Security Burglar Fire Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 31″H x 26″W x 25.25″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 25″H x 20″W x 16″D
  • Clear Door: 25″H x 20″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 4.6
  • Weight: 1,433 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 1
  • Fire Rating: Two Hours
  • Burglar Rating: TL-30×6
  • 6″-thick door and 3″-body
  • 3-way boltwork (optional)
  • U.L. Listed locks


AMSEC CFX252016: The Apex of Security and Fire Protection

The AMSEC CFX252016 vault, an integral part of the AMVAULT TL-30X6 series, sets an unparalleled standard for high-security safes, offering UL certified TL-30X6 burglary protection alongside 120-minute fire protection. This large fireproof safe is designed to provide the ultimate safeguard for valuables against the most determined attempts at burglary and the ravages of fire. With its robust features and advanced protection capabilities, the CFX252016 is an ideal solution for those requiring the highest level of security for their assets. Let’s delve into the attributes that establish the CFX252016 as a premier high-security burglar fire safe.

Superior Burglary Defense: TL-30X6 Certification

The CFX252016’s TL-30X6 certification represents the gold standard in safe security, indicating that it has been rigorously tested to withstand sophisticated burglary attempts on all six sides for up to 30 minutes. This level of protection is paramount for securing high-value items against advanced burglary tools and techniques, making the CFX252016 a formidable burglar safe. The massive 6″ thick door and 3″ thick body, reinforced with a proprietary high-strength concrete mix, ensure a barrier that is nearly impervious to attack.

Comprehensive Fire Resistance: Advanced Protection

In addition to its burglary defense, the CFX252016 offers exceptional 120-minute fire protection, ensuring that valuables are shielded from extreme temperatures up to 1200°. This feature makes the CFX252016 an exemplary fireproof safe, capable of preserving valuable documents, digital media, and other sensitive items during prolonged fire exposure. The integration of AMSEC’s proprietary high-strength concrete mix not only contributes to its burglary resistance but also significantly enhances its fire-resistant capabilities, offering dual protection critical for comprehensive security solutions.

Adaptability and Customization: Meeting Individual Security Needs

The CFX252016’s security can be further enhanced by its optional 3-way boltwork, adding an extra layer of customization for those requiring advanced protection. This safe also offers a variety of lock options, from traditional mechanical locks with key-locking spy-proof dials to modern ESL5 and ESL10 safe locks, allowing for a tailored security setup that meets specific requirements. Whether for personal or commercial use, the CFX252016 can be adapted to suit a wide range of security protocols, showcasing its versatility as a high-security safe.

Designed for Durability and Security

The AMSEC CFX252016 vault is engineered with durability at its core. The 3″ thick body and 6″ thick door are not merely physical barriers but are integral components of its defense mechanism, incorporating AMSEC’s proprietary high-strength concrete mix. This material is key to the safe’s resistance, offering unparalleled protection against drilling, cutting, and prying attempts. The substantial total steel on door decimal (.240 or 4 Ga.) and total steel in the body (.534) enhance this resilience, ensuring that the CFX252016 stands as a high-security safe ready to face sophisticated burglary tools and techniques head-on.

Fire Protection: A Sanctuary Against Flames

The 120-minute fire protection of the CFX252016 is a critical feature that sets it apart from standard safes. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200°, it provides a secure environment for the preservation of items susceptible to fire damage. This fire safe capability ensures that, even in the event of a severe fire, the contents within the CFX252016 remain intact and unharmed, preserving both their physical and intrinsic value. This fireproof safe characteristic is especially crucial for storing irreplaceable documents, electronic media, and other sensitive materials that are vital to personal or business continuity.

Flexibility in Security: Customizable Features

Reflecting the diverse security needs of its users, the CFX252016 offers optional 3-way boltwork for enhanced protection, adding another dimension to its security framework. This option, along with a wide range of lock options—from mechanical locks with key-locking spy-proof dials to the ESL5 and ESL10 safe locks—provides the flexibility to configure the safe according to specific preferences and requirements. Such customization makes the CFX252016 not just a TL30x6 safe but a personalized security solution, capable of adapting to the unique needs of each user, from residential to commercial settings.

The CFX252016: A Masterpiece of Security Engineering

The AMSEC CFX252016, as a standout model in the AMVAULT TL-30X6 series, exemplifies the highest standards of high-security safes. Its TL-30X6 certification for burglary protection and 120-minute fire protection reflect American Security’s dedication to crafting safes that offer superior protection. This large fireproof safe not only secures against sophisticated burglary attempts from all six sides but also provides critical fire resistance, ensuring that valuables are safeguarded under the most extreme conditions.

Beyond Security: A Commitment to Peace of Mind

Choosing the CFX252016 is more than an investment in physical security; it’s a commitment to peace of mind. Owners of this American security safe can rest assured that their most prized possessions, from irreplaceable family heirlooms to essential business documents, are protected by a safe that sets the industry benchmark for security and fire protection. This high-security burglar fire safe goes beyond safeguarding tangible assets; it protects the legacy and continuity of businesses and the personal treasures of homeowners.

Customizable Solutions for Diverse Needs

Recognizing that security needs vary greatly among users, the CFX252016 offers extensive customization options, including optional 3-way boltwork and a variety of lock options. This flexibility ensures that the safe can be tailored to meet specific security protocols, whether for a commercial enterprise seeking a burglar safe or a residential user in need of a small fireproof safe for home. The ability to customize the CFX252016 underscores American Security’s commitment to providing personalized security solutions that adapt to the unique requirements of each user.

A Legacy of Excellence

The AMSEC CFX252016 represents the culmination of American Security’s legacy in the security industry, embodying excellence in engineering, design, and protection. As part of the AMVAULT series, it showcases the pinnacle of protection technology, offering a high-security safe that is unparalleled in its ability to secure valuable assets against theft and fire. For those seeking the ultimate in security, the CFX252016 is a testament to American Security’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and peace of mind.

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Weight1433 lbs
Dimensions25.25 × 26 × 31 in


Burglary Rating


Fire Rating

2 Hours

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