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AMSEC BWB3020 | B-Rate Wide Body Security Safe


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  • Outside Dimension: 30″H x 20″W x 20″D
  • Inside Dimension: 29.75″H x 19.75″W x 17″D
  • Clear Door: 24.75″H x 16.25″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 5.8
  • Weight: 218 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 2
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • Color: Black
  • 1/2″ steel door with auto-door detent
  • U.L. listed locks
  • Wide storage with coin racks


Introducing the AMSEC BWB3020: The Ultimate Cash Management Solution

In today’s world, the security of your assets is more critical than ever, especially when it comes to managing and safeguarding cash. The AMSEC BWB3020 Wide Body Cash Management Safe stands at the forefront of this need, offering unparalleled protection and efficiency for both commercial and personal use. Designed meticulously to cater to the nuanced demands of cash handling and storage, this safe combines robust security features with the convenience needed for daily operations. Let’s delve into why the AMSEC BWB3020 is not just a safe but a cornerstone for comprehensive cash management.

Robust Construction: A Fortress for Your Assets

At the heart of the AMSEC BWB3020’s design is its formidable ½” solid steel plate door, engineered to resist the most determined pry attacks. This level of security is enhanced by the safe’s body, constructed from high tensile steel, forming a virtually impenetrable barrier. The emphasis on strength is evident in every aspect of its construction, ensuring that your valuables are protected against any form of breach.

The safe’s locking mechanism is a marvel of engineering, featuring a 3-way system with five 1″ diameter chromed steel locking bolts. Each bolt is designed to engage seamlessly, providing a level of security that is unmatched. This system is further fortified by a large carburized hardplate that guards the locks and relocks, making the AMSEC BWB3020 a formidable adversary against attacks.

Advanced Security Features: Beyond the Lock and Key

Understanding the diverse needs of businesses and individuals, the BWB3020 comes equipped with a range of lock options, including mechanical locks with front-read or spy-proof dials and the innovative ESL10 electronic lock. This flexibility allows for customization based on user preference and the specific security requirements of the environment in which the safe is used.

One of the BWB3020’s standout features is its auxiliary spring-loaded relocking device. This device acts as a fail-safe, ensuring that even in the event of a lock compromise, the safe’s contents remain secure. Coupled with the auto door detent feature that keeps bolts retracted when the door is open and then automatically engages upon closing, the safe offers both security and ease of use.

Tailored for Cash Management: Organizational Excellence

The internal design of the AMSEC BWB3020 reflects a deep understanding of cash management needs. The safe boasts a large storage compartment, capable of accommodating cash trays of various sizes, making it an ideal choice for businesses that handle significant cash transactions. Additionally, the door-mounted, recessed coin rack is a testament to the safe’s thoughtfulness in design, providing convenient and organized storage for coins, thus streamlining the cash-handling process.

External dimensions of 30″ in height, 20″ in width, and 20″ in depth, coupled with an internal depth of 17″, make the BWB3020 spacious yet compact enough to fit in various spaces without compromising on storage capacity. With a total weight of 218 pounds, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and the sturdiness required for a cash safe.

The AMSEC Promise: Unmatched Quality and Customization

Choosing an AMSEC BWB3020 is not just about selecting a safe; it’s about investing in peace of mind. The safe’s burglary level rating of Level 5 indicates its superior ability to protect against unauthorized access, offering you and your business the security you deserve. Furthermore, the option to customize the safe according to specific needs ensures that it seamlessly integrates into your cash management system.

Each AMSEC safe, including the BWB3020, comes with the industry’s best warranty— one year of parts and labor. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction underscores American Security’s confidence in its products and its dedication to providing solutions that meet the highest standards of reliability and functionality.

A Safe That Stands Apart

The AMSEC BWB3020 Wide Body Cash Management Safe is more than just a place to store cash; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the multifaceted challenges of cash management in today’s fast-paced world. Whether for commercial enterprises or for enhancing safes for home security, the BWB3020 offers a blend of durability, innovative security features, and organizational excellence.

With its robust construction, advanced locking mechanisms, and thoughtful design tailored for cash management, the BWB3020 sets a new benchmark for safes. It’s not just an investment in security but a declaration of the value you place on protecting your assets. In a world where security cannot be taken for granted, the AMSEC BWB3020 emerges as the definitive choice for those who seek the best in cash management solutions.

A Testament to Durability and Reliability

In an era where the security of one’s assets can determine the success or failure of a business, the AMSEC BWB3020 stands as a bulwark against threats. The safe’s construction—with its formidable steel door, reinforced jambs, and advanced locking mechanisms—offers a level of durability and reliability that is unmatched. This resilience ensures that the safe can withstand physical attacks and attempts at unauthorized access, providing long-term security for valuable assets.

The AMSEC Advantage: Beyond Security

Choosing an AMSEC BWB3020 is not just about selecting a safe; it’s about partnering with a brand that has set the standard for excellence in the security industry. American Security’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is reflected in every aspect of the BWB3020, from its superior craftsmanship to its comprehensive warranty. This dedication to excellence ensures that each safe is not only a product but a promise—a promise of protection, reliability, and peace of mind.

Empowering Businesses and Individuals Alike

The AMSEC BWB3020 is designed to cater to a wide range of users, from commercial enterprises requiring robust cash management solutions to individuals seeking to enhance their home security. Its versatility and customizable features make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications, underscoring its appeal across different sectors. Whether safeguarding daily cash flows in a retail setting or protecting personal valuables at home, the BWB3020 delivers security and efficiency without compromise.

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Weight218 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 30 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




Burglary Rating


Business Safe




Combo Lock


Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

29.75 x 16.25

Electronic Lock


External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet


Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width



Free Standing





Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


Total Steal in body


Total Steel on Door


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