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AMSEC BLB3024 B-Rated Premium Free Standing Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 30.50″H x 24.50″W x 23″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 30″H x 24″W x 20″D
  • Clear Door: 28″H x 22″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 8.33
  • Weight: 360 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 3
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • ½”-thick door and 1/4″ steel body
  • U.L. listed Group II key changeable lock

*Add 2″ to outside depth for handle, dial and hinge projection.


Introducing the AMSEC BLB3024: A Paradigm of Security and Customization

The AMSEC BLB3024 stands as a beacon of security within the realm of B rated safes, meticulously engineered to offer unparalleled protection against burglary. Crafted with a 1/2″ thick steel door and 1/4″ thick steel body, this safe is not merely a storage unit but a fortress designed to safeguard your most valued possessions. Its robust construction is a testament to AMSEC’s

commitment to quality, ensuring that each safe meets the stringent standards expected by both residential and commercial users.

Unmatched Security Features

At the heart of the BLB3024’s defensive capabilities is an array of advanced security features designed to resist the most determined of attacks:

Spring-loaded relocking device: A critical line of defense that activates in response to a punching attack, ensuring the safe’s contents remain secure even if the primary lock is compromised.

Solid steel full-length dead bar: This feature prevents door removal during a forced entry attempt, a vital component in thwarting burglars who might attempt to dislodge the door from its hinges.

Carburized hardplate protection: The locks and relocks are shielded by this formidable barrier, significantly increasing the safe’s resistance to drilling and other forms of lock tampering.

Customization at Its Core

The BLB3024 distinguishes itself with its emphasis on customization, allowing owners to tailor the safe to their specific needs:

Custom interior designs: Whether you’re storing documents, valuables, or firearms, the safe can be configured to suit your unique requirements, maximizing organizational efficiency.

Free design consultation: AMSEC safes offers personalized guidance to ensure that your safe not only meets your security needs but also fits seamlessly into your space.

Aesthetic Versatility

Understanding that a safe should complement its environment, the BLB3024 features an attractive gray textured finish, with options for customization to match any interior design aesthetic. This focus on appearance, coupled with the safe’s structural integrity, makes the BLB3024 a preferred choice for users who seek both security and style.

Proudly Made in the USA

Embodying the craftsmanship and reliability synonymous with American manufacturing, the BLB3024 is proudly made in the USA. This designation not only speaks to the quality of materials and workmanship but also supports local industries, contributing to a legacy of excellence in American-made security solutions.

Operational Excellence and Security Integration

The BLB3024 features a UL listed Group II key changeable lock with a relock mechanism, offering over 1 million possible combinations. This lock system provides a versatile and secure access control method that can be customized to suit individual security protocols. The inclusion of a mechanical lock with key-locking spy-proof dial and various lock options, including the ESL5 Safe Lock and ESL10, enhances the safe’s security by offering different levels of protection and access flexibility.

The adjustable ball bearing hinges contribute to the safe’s durable construction, ensuring smooth and reliable door operation over time. These hinges are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, maintaining the integrity of the safe’s access point and providing a seamless user experience.

Advanced Burglary Protection Features

The BLB3024’s defense mechanism is further bolstered by a solid steel full-length dead bar and an additional spring-loaded relocking device, which activate in the event of an attack. These features are critical in maintaining the safe’s security integrity, especially during extreme burglary attempts. The dead bar prevents the door from being removed if the hinges are attacked, while the relocking device secures the lock against physical manipulation.

Moreover, the carburized hardplate adds an extra layer of protection, safeguarding the lock and relock mechanisms from drilling and other forms of sophisticated attacks. This hardplate is a testament to AMSEC’s commitment to providing high-level security solutions that address the evolving tactics of burglars.

Customization and Aesthetic Design

AMSEC understands that security needs vary widely among users, which is why the BLB3024 is designed with customization at its core. The safe offers custom interior designs and free detailed sales sketches, allowing users to tailor the safe to their specific requirements. Whether it’s for storing jewelry, documents, or firearms, the safe can be configured to maximize space utilization and organizational efficiency.

The attractive gray textured finish of the BLB3024, with options for other colors upon request, ensures that it complements any room’s décor. This focus on aesthetic appeal, alongside the safe’s robust security features, makes the BLB3024 a versatile choice for those seeking both functionality and style in a security solution.

Beyond Security: A Focus on User Experience

The BLB3024 is designed not just for unmatched security but also for ease of use and integration into any setting. The adjustable shelves offer versatile storage solutions, accommodating everything from personal valuables to business documents. These home safes made in USA prove that high security does not have to come at the expense of convenience or aesthetic appeal. The option for custom interior designs and color customization ensures that it complements any decor, highlighting AMSEC’s commitment to blending functionality with style.

A Testament to American Craftsmanship

Proudly made in the USA, the BLB3024 is a testament to American craftsmanship, offering the best warranty in the business. It reflects AMSEC’s dedication to supporting local manufacturing while delivering a product that stands at the forefront of security technology. The combination of a spring-loaded relocking device, solid steel full-length dead bar, and carburized hardplate for lock protection showcases an innovative approach to safeguarding against both traditional and sophisticated burglary methods.

The BLB3024 as the Ultimate Security Solution

In conclusion, the AMSEC BLB3024 is more than just a safe; it is a comprehensive security solution that offers peace of mind through advanced protection features, customizable interiors, and a sleek design. For individuals and businesses seeking a reliable burglar safe that marries the latest in security technology with customizable aesthetics, the BLB3024 stands unmatched. Its robust construction, innovative security mechanisms, and user-centric design affirm AMSEC’s position as a leader in the security industry, offering safes for the home that respond adeptly to the demands of modern security needs.

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