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AMSEC BFII6024 Gun & Rifle Safe – 2023 Model


Color: *
Satin Black Textured
Granite Textured
White Textured
Spa Blue Textured
Two Tone Textured Door & Body Colors +$427.50
Two Tone High Gloss Door & Textured Body Colors +$791.25
Charcoal Metallic High Gloss +$1,807.50
Ironside Green High Gloss +$1,807.50
Pearl Essence High Gloss +$1,807.50
Onyx High Gloss +$1,807.50
Sapphire Blue High Gloss +$1,807.50
Thermal Blue High Gloss +$1,807.50
Reign Purple High Gloss +$1,807.50
Platinum Metallic High Gloss +$1,807.50

When ordering a safe with black nickel hardware, the standard color for the American Security logo is black. However, the logo will not display too well on darker safe colors, such as black textured or High Gloss Onyx. Feel free to choose a different logo color than the hardware color you selected above.

Hardware Color: *
Brass L-Handle
Chrome L-Handle
Black Nickle L-Handle
Brass 5-Spoke Handle +$30
Chrome 5-Spoke Handle +$30
Black Nicle 5-Spoke Handle +$30
Lock: *

Door Swing: *


Premium Package includes: Dehumidifier Rod, Velvet-Lined Jewelry Drawer, and 3-Socket Power Strip with USB

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  • Outside Dimensions: 59.25″H x 24″W x 21″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 52.88″H x 20″W x 14″D
  • Clear Door: 51″H x 16.31″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 8.56
  • Weight: 1,067 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: RSC Level II
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hours ETL certified
  • ½” solid steel door and 2¼” thick body
  • High gloss and textured paint
  • Lifetime warranty against theft and fire


AMSEC BFII6024: The Pinnacle of Gun Safe Security and Fire Protection

The AMSEC BFII6024 stands as a testament to American Security’s dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of gun safes. As part of the BFII series, this gun safe embodies the ultimate in burglary and fireproof gun safe technology, offering unmatched security features and fire protection for firearms and valuables. With its robust construction and advanced security measures, the BFII6024 is designed to meet the needs of gun owners who demand the best in protection. Let’s explore the key features that set the BFII6024 apart as the world’s most unique gun safe.

Unmatched Security: UL Certified RSC Burglary Protection

The BFII6024 offers superior burglary protection with its UL certified RSC burglary protection, featuring a 1/2″ solid steel plate door and a 2-1/4″ thick body with a combined steel thickness of 1/2″ in body construction. This level of security ensures that firearms and valuables are safeguarded against unauthorized access, making it an ideal gun safe for sale for those prioritizing security. The inclusion of American Security’s patented active hardplate and TL-15 boltwork with 10 massive 1½” chrome-plated bolts further reinforces its defense capabilities, providing peace of mind to gun owners.

Superior Fire Protection: ETL Certified 120-Minute Fire Rating

In addition to its burglary resistance, the BFII6024 excels in fire protection with its ETL certified 120-minute fire protection. The seamless DryLight fill and dual door seals work in concert to shield the safe’s contents from fire and smoke, ensuring that firearms and valuables remain protected even under extreme conditions. This fireproof gun safe offers one of the highest levels of fire resistance available, making it a large gun safe choice for those concerned with fire safety.

Functional Design and Customization Options

The BFII6024 is not only secure but also highly functional, featuring the industry’s most flexible interior, a door organizer, storage for long guns on the door, an LED light kit, and a mirrored back for added interior visibility. These features, along with an AC power outlet with removable cord, enhance the usability and convenience of the safe. Additionally, the BFII6024 offers customization options, including two-tone combinations and custom colors, to match the specific aesthetics or requirements of the owner, underlining its status as a fire safe that doesn’t compromise on functionality or style.

Enhanced Durability and Security

The BFII6024’s construction is a testament to American Security’s commitment to durability and security. The 1/2″-thick steel plate door and 2-1/4”-thick body incorporate a sophisticated blend of materials, including a 1/8” outer shell and 5/16” thick inner liner, achieving a combined steel thickness that sets a new standard for gun safes. This construction not only provides formidable resistance against burglary attempts but also significantly enhances the safe’s structural integrity, ensuring it stands up to physical attacks with unparalleled resilience.

Advanced Fire Protection Features

Fire safety is a paramount concern for gun owners, and the BFII6024 addresses this need with its ETL certified 120-minute fire protection. The seamless DryLight fill offers outstanding insulation, protecting the safe’s contents from high temperatures and smoke. This fireproof gun safe’s ability to maintain internal temperatures within safe limits for up to two hours during a fire is critical for preserving not just firearms but also important documents and other valuable possessions stored within.

Customization and Convenience

The BFII6024 distinguishes itself with its focus on user convenience and customization. The industry’s most flexible interior allows owners to configure the safe according to their specific storage needs, accommodating a variety of gun sizes and types. The addition of a door organizer, LED light kit, and mirrored back enhances visibility and accessibility, making the management of contents effortless. For those seeking a personalized touch, the safe offers two-tone combinations and the possibility for custom colors, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into any home or office decor.

Commitment to Lifetime Protection

American Security’s dedication to customer satisfaction and trust is evident in the BFII6024’s lifetime warranty against theft and fire, underscoring the brand’s confidence in its product’s reliability and durability. This warranty, coupled with the 5-year parts and labor warranty when purchased with a factory-installed American Security lock, provides owners with additional peace of mind, knowing that their investment is protected for a lifetime.

The BFII6024: Setting New Benchmarks in Gun Safe Innovation

The AMSEC BFII6024 gun safe stands as a testament to American Security’s legacy of excellence and innovation in the security industry. With its UL certified RSC burglary protection and ETL certified 120-minute fire protection, the BFII6024 offers unparalleled security for firearms and valuables, establishing itself as a leader in the gun safe category. This safe not only meets the critical demands of gun owners for theft and fire protection but also surpasses expectations with its advanced features and robust construction.

A Comprehensive Solution for Firearm Security

The BFII6024’s design is a culmination of careful consideration and engineering aimed at providing a comprehensive solution for firearm security. Its 1/2″ solid steel plate door, 2-1/4″ thick body, and innovative DryLight fill for fire protection are indicative of AMSEC’s commitment to offering superior protection against both physical attacks and fire damage. This fireproof gun safe ensures that valuable assets, from firearms to important documents, are safeguarded under the most adverse conditions.

Personalization and User-Centric Features

Beyond security, the BFII6024 emphasizes personalization and convenience, featuring customizable options such as two-tone combinations and custom colors to match individual preferences and decor. The industry’s most flexible interior, door organizer, and LED light kit enhance the user experience, providing efficient organization and easy access to stored items. These thoughtful features underscore American Security’s dedication to not only securing valuables but also enhancing the usability of their safes for every owner.

A Legacy of Trust and Reliability

American Security’s promise of reliability is further reinforced by the BFII6024’s lifetime warranty against theft and fire, offering owners confidence in the enduring protection of their investments. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has solidified American Security’s position as a trusted name in the security industry, providing peace of mind to gun owners nationwide.

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Weight1067 lbs
Dimensions21 × 24 × 59.25 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




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51.75 x 16.31

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