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AMSEC B2900 Square Door Floor Safe


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  • Outside Dimensions: 21.38″ H X 14.13″ W X 12.75″ D
  • Inside Dimensions: 12.25″ H X 13.25″ W X 18.25″ D
  • Clear Door: 10.75″H x 11.125″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 1.66
  • Weight: 134 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • 3/4″ solid steel and gas piston assisted door
  • U.L. rated Group II combination lock


AMSEC B2900: The Ultimate in Concealed Security

Optimized Hidden Protection: AMSEC B2900 stands out for its ability to offer the best hidden protection available. Its design allows for installation below floor level, making it virtually invisible to the untrained eye. This level of discretion is crucial for protecting valuables, sensitive documents, and personal items from potential theft, as it effectively removes the safe from the immediate view and awareness of burglars.

Robust Construction and Burglary Deterrence: AMSEC does not compromise on security with the B2900. Featuring a 3/4″ solid steel plate door, this safe provides a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. The inclusion of a U.L. listed Group II combination lock further enhances the safe’s defense mechanisms, known for its high resistance to manipulation and picking attempts.

Advanced Security Features

  • Spring-Loaded Relocking Device: Adding an extra layer of security, AMSEC B2900 includes a spring-loaded relocking device that activates upon detecting a punching attack. This feature ensures that even if the lock is targeted, the safe’s contents remain securely protected, bolstering the safe’s defenses against forced entry attempts.
  • Heavy-Duty Locking Mechanism: The safe’s handle-activated locking mechanism comprises three 1″ diameter locking bolts, each made from drive-resistant, chromed steel. This, along with a heavy-duty dead bar positioned behind the hinge, ensures that the door remains securely locked, further minimizing any potential pry points.

Design and Installation Excellence

  • Interchangeable Doors and Solid Hinge Design: Reflecting AMSEC’s attention to detail, the B2900’s doors are designed to be interchangeable within the product group, offering flexibility and ease of maintenance. The solid steel hinge mechanism, featuring 3/8″ diameter steel hinge pins and internal mounting bolts, underscores the safe’s robust construction and resistance to sledgehammer attacks.
  • Attractive and Practical Interior: Beyond its formidable exterior, the B2900 boasts an attractive carpeted floor, enhancing the protection of stored items while adding an element of elegance to the safe’s interior. The oversized floor plate ensures strong installation in concrete, and the flush cover plate maintains the floor’s seamless appearance, preserving both security and aesthetics.

Enhanced Security Through Advanced Design

Bolstered Burglary Protection: The B2900’s construction features, including its 3/4″ solid steel plate door and the robust locking mechanism, form a critical line of defense against intrusion. This construction is augmented by a state-of-the-art door jamb design, engineered with precision to offer maximum resistance against sledgehammer attacks and other forms of forced entry.

Strategic Locking Mechanism: The presence of a U.L. listed Group II combination lock on the B2900 exemplifies AMSEC’s commitment to employing only the highest standard of locking mechanisms. This lock is protected by a large carburized hardplate, significantly enhancing the safe’s resistance to drilling and other sophisticated burglary techniques.

User-Oriented Features for Enhanced Usability

Gas Piston Assisted Door: A notable feature that sets AMSEC B2900 apart is its gas piston-assisted door, which ensures ease of access. This thoughtful inclusion addresses the potential challenge of operating a heavy steel door, allowing for smooth, user-friendly access to the safe’s contents.

Customizable Interior for Organizational Flexibility: The interior of AMSEC B2900 is not only protected by an attractive carpeted floor but also offers significant space for storage. With internal dimensions designed to accommodate a range of items, from documents to valuables, the safe ensures that everything stored within is both secure and organized.

Seamless Integration and Installation

Discreet Installation with Flush Cover Plate: The B2900 is designed for seamless integration into any setting. Its oversized floor plate and flush cover plate are engineered to ensure a strong and discreet installation, with the safe lying flush against the floor surface, effectively concealing its presence.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty: Reflecting AMSEC’s confidence in the B2900’s durability and security, the safe comes with a lifetime burglary replacement warranty. This warranty underscores the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, providing an added layer of assurance to users.

Comprehensive Security in a Discreet Package

Unmatched Burglary and Attack Resistance: AMSEC B2900’s formidable construction, featuring a 3/4″ solid steel plate door and reinforced locking mechanism, offers top-tier defense against unauthorized access. The addition of a spring-loaded relocking device and a carburized hardplate around the lock mechanism further fortify the safe against sophisticated burglary attempts, ensuring valuables remain secure under virtually any circumstance.

Optimized for Stealth and Accessibility: Designed to be embedded within a concrete floor, the B2900 provides the ultimate in hidden protection, keeping valuables out of sight and mind from potential threats. The gas piston-assisted door is a testament to AMSEC’s attention to detail, ensuring that even with its robust construction, the safe remains easily accessible to authorized users.

Tailored to User Needs

Adaptable Interior Space: AMSEC  B2900 goes beyond mere security to offer a customizable interior space, complete with an attractive carpeted floor to protect delicate items from scratches. Its spacious interior and large door opening accommodate a variety of items, from important documents to personal valuables, providing ample storage while maintaining a compact footprint.

Seamless Integration into Any Space: With its flush cover plate and oversized floor plate, the B2900 is designed for discreet installation, ensuring it does not disrupt the aesthetic or functionality of the space it occupies. This level of integration is crucial for a floor safe, as it combines unparalleled security with the convenience of not occupying valuable space within a room.

Assurance of Quality and Reliability

Lifetime Burglary Replacement Warranty: AMSEC’s confidence in the B2900 is reflected in its lifetime burglary replacement warranty, offering users peace of mind knowing that their investment is protected under the most extreme conditions. This warranty underscores the safe’s durability and AMSEC’s dedication to customer satisfaction and product reliability.

The Essential Choice for Secure Storage

The AMSEC B2900 floor safe emerges not just as a secure storage option but as an integral component of a comprehensive security strategy for those seeking the utmost in protection and discretion. Its advanced security features, coupled with user-focused design and installation flexibility, make it an essential choice for safeguarding valuables against theft and unauthorized access.

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Weight134 lbs
Dimensions21.375 × 14.125 × 12.75 in
AMSEC Burglary Level




Burglary Rating


Combo Lock


Cubic Inches




Door Clearance

10.75 x 11.13

External Depth


External Height


External Width


Fits Closet




Home Safe


Internal Depth


Internal Height


Internal Width




Total Body Thickness


Total Door Thickness


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