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AMSEC AM3020E5 Home Security & Fire Safe, Medium


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• Outside Dimensions: 30”H x 20”W x 20”D

• Inside Dimensions: 27.25″H x 18.25″W x 14″D

• Cu. Ft. Storage: 3.8

• Weight: 230 lbs.

• Shelf Count: 2

• Fire Rating: 45 Minutes

• Lock: Electronic

• 1/4″ steel door

• Deep blue textured coat with plush velour interior


AMSEC AM3020: Economical Security without Compromise

  • Robust Fire Protection: The AM3020 boasts an ETL-verified fire protection rating, capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1200°F for a duration of 45 minutes. This ensures that documents, electronics, and other valuable items are protected against the devastating effects of fire, maintaining an interior temperature below 350°F to prevent damage to the safe’s contents.
  • Enhanced Burglary Deterrence: Featuring a 1/4″ solid steel plate door and a high-strength unitized 12 gauge solid steel body, AMSEC AM3020 is built to resist unauthorized access attempts. Its massive 1 1/8″ recessed door, constructed with fire insulating material, adds an extra layer of security, making it a formidable barrier against potential burglars.

Advanced Security Features

  • UL Listed Electronic Lock: Equipped with AMSEC’s ESL5 Electronic Lock, AMSEC AM3020 provides secure and convenient access to the safe’s contents. The illuminated keypad enhances usability, facilitating access under any lighting conditions, while the drill-resistant hard plate protects the lock from being compromised.
  • Comprehensive Boltwork System: The safe’s 3-way boltwork system, with five active 1 1/4″ diameter chrome-plated steel locking bolts, ensures that the door remains securely locked on multiple sides, providing an additional layer of protection against forced entry.

User-Friendly Design and Aesthetic Appeal

  • Interior Organization: AMSEC AM3020’s interior is thoughtfully designed with a plush velour lining and includes adjustable ball-bearing hinges for ease of use. The safe’s internal dimensions (26.5″ H x 16.5″ W x 14″ D) offer ample space for organizing a variety of items, from personal valuables to business documents.
  • Aesthetic and Practical Installation: Sporting a deep blue textured finish complemented by black nickel hardware, AMSEC AM3020 adds a touch of elegance to any space. Four pre-cut anchor holes, along with mounting hardware, allow for secure installation, enhancing the safe’s theft deterrence capabilities.

Lock Options: Tailored Security Access

AMSEC AM3020 offers versatility through its lock options, ensuring users can select a security access method that best fits their preferences and requirements. The standard configuration features AMSEC’s ESL5 Electronic Lock, renowned for its reliability and ease of use. This UL-listed lock not only provides a high level of security but also features an illuminated keypad, enhancing user accessibility under any lighting conditions. The drill-resistant hard plate adds an extra layer of deterrence against attempted lock tampering, ensuring the contents remain secure.

Environmental Adaptability and Installation

One of the AM3020’s strengths is its adaptability to a variety of settings, from home offices to retail spaces. This flexibility is partly due to its aesthetic design — a deep blue textured finish complemented by black nickel hardware, which easily integrates into different décor styles without compromising the safe’s functionality. Additionally, the safe’s design includes four pre-cut anchor holes with mounting hardware, facilitating secure installation to the floor. This feature not only enhances the safe’s overall security by preventing physical removal but also allows for placement in locations where space might be at a premium.

Focus on Interior Design and Functionality

Internally, the AM3020 maximizes space and organizational efficiency. The plush velour interior, including the back-cover and firewalls, provides a soft cushion for valuables, minimizing the risk of scratches or damage. This consideration towards the internal environment of the safe speaks to AMSEC’s understanding of users’ needs to protect delicate items. Furthermore, the safe’s adjustable ball-bearing hinges ensure smooth operation, allowing for easy access to its contents.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

The AMSEC AM3020 encapsulates AMSEC’s dedication to offering security solutions that don’t just meet but exceed industry standards. The safe’s 3-way boltwork system, featuring five active chrome-plated steel locking bolts, underscores a commitment to providing comprehensive protection against forced entry. Meanwhile, the ETL-verified fire protection offers users peace of mind, knowing their valuables are safeguarded against fire damage.

Summarizing the Excellence of AMSEC AM3020

  • Advanced Security Measures: The AM3020’s robust security features, including its 1/4″ solid steel plate door, 3-way boltwork system with five active chrome-plated steel locking bolts, and a UL listed E-Lock with an illuminated keypad, collectively offer formidable resistance against unauthorized access. The addition of a drill-resistant hard plate fortifies the lock against tampering, ensuring the contents are securely protected.
  • Superior Fire Protection: With ETL-verified fire protection, capable of withstanding up to 1200°F for 45 minutes, the AM3020 safeguards important documents, electronic media, and other sensitive items from fire damage. This level of fire resistance is critical for preserving irreplaceable items during unexpected fire incidents, providing users with peace of mind regarding the safety of their valuables.
  • Elegant and Functional Design: The AM3020’s deep blue textured paint finish and plush velour interior not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also offer practical benefits. The safe’s elegant appearance allows it to blend seamlessly into various settings, while the soft interior lining and adjustable shelves ensure valuables are stored securely and are easily accessible.
  • Installation and Customization: Equipped with four pre-cut anchor holes and mounting hardware, the AM3020 can be securely installed in a chosen location, enhancing its theft deterrence. Although customization options are limited, the safe’s design and features are thoughtfully tailored to meet the most common security needs of users, providing a balance between functionality and style.

A Premier Choice for Security

The AMSEC AM3020 stands as a premier choice for those in search of an economical, yet highly effective, burglary and fire safe. Its combination of advanced security features, fire resistance, and user-friendly design positions it as a standout product in the security safe market. Whether for securing personal valuables, business documents, or family heirlooms, the AM3020 delivers on AMSEC’s promise of quality and reliability.

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