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AMSEC EST1014 Compact Electronic Security Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 9.75″H x 14.13″W x 9.75″D
  • Inside Dimensions: 9.56″H x 13.94″W x 7.75″D
  • Clear Door: 7.63″H x 10.25″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage: 0.6
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Shelf Count: 1
  • 14ga. steel construction
  • Electronic lock with LCD display
  • Good for home, office or RV


Advanced Security Features

Robust Construction: AMSEC EST1014 is constructed from heavy 14 gauge solid steel, providing a durable barrier against unauthorized access. This level of construction ensures that the contents are well-protected against potential breaches, offering peace of mind to the owner.

Electronic Lock with Enhanced Usability: Equipped with the DL6000 bounce-proof electronic lock featuring a large LCD display, AMSEC EST1014 allows for smooth and straightforward operation. The LCD display not only enhances user interaction with the safe by showing important information such as the low-battery indicator, time, and date but also includes a keypad for secure access.

Comprehensive Override Systems: Understanding the importance of accessibility under all circumstances, the EST1014 includes an emergency key-lock override system with two keys. Additionally, a power override battery box ensures that users can access the safe even when the batteries are depleted, and a built-in spy-proof function enhances security by preventing onlookers from deducing the access code.

Designed for Versatility and Convenience

Compact Models for Various Needs: AMSEC EST1014 is one of four compact models offered, designed to cater to a range of security needs while being easily accommodated in different environments. Its size and design make it an ideal choice for securing personal belongings in confined spaces.

Installation Flexibility: The ability to bolt the safe to the wall or floor is a significant advantage, offering an additional layer of security. This feature ensures that the safe cannot be easily removed or stolen, anchoring it firmly within the chosen environment.

Interior Features for Protection: The inclusion of a carpeted base inside the safe adds an extra layer of protection for the contents against scratches or damage. Furthermore, the pry-resistant recessed door with internal hinges provides anti-theft protection, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access.

Tailored for Home and Office Use

Enhanced Door and Bolt Security: The heavy gauge steel construction of the door, coupled with dual live bolts, also made of heavy gauge steel, reinforces the safe’s security. This construction detail is crucial for thwarting attempts to open the safe forcibly.

User-Friendly Additions: Models like the EST1014 and EST2014 come equipped with one removable shelf, offering organizational flexibility to the user. This feature allows for the efficient storage of various items, maximizing the usable space within the safe.

Warranty and Support: AMSEC’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is underscored by the one-year parts and labor warranty, ensuring that users can depend on reliable service and support.

Enhanced Digital Security

Emergency Access Solutions: Recognizing the importance of reliable access under any circumstance, the EST1014 includes an emergency key-lock override system, complete with two keys, ensuring that users can always access their valuables, even in the event of electronic failure. The addition of a power override battery box further underscores the safe’s adaptability, providing a solution for battery depletion without compromising security.

Practical Design and Installation

Space-Efficient Form Factor: The compact size of AMSEC EST1014 makes it an excellent choice for a variety of settings, including small office spaces or residential areas where space is at a premium. Its ability to be securely bolted to the wall or floor enhances its versatility, offering users flexibility in placement and added security against removal or theft.

Interior Features for Enhanced Usability: The interior of the EST1014 is thoughtfully designed with a carpeted base to protect delicate items from scratches and damage. Additionally, the presence of a removable shelf allows users to organize contents efficiently, making the most out of the available space within the safe.

Security and Convenience Combined

Robust Construction for Durability: With its heavy 14 gauge solid steel construction, AMSEC EST1014 is built to withstand attempts at forced entry, providing a durable shield for your valuables. The pry-resistant recessed door, equipped with internal hinges, adds an extra layer of security by minimizing potential pry points, enhancing the safe’s defense against break-ins.

Live Bolts and Hardplate Protection: The dual live bolts, constructed from heavy gauge steel, reinforce the locking mechanism, ensuring the door remains securely locked upon engagement. The inclusion of a large carburized hardplate to protect the lock and relocking devices from drilling attempts is a testament to the safe’s comprehensive approach to security.

Advanced Security Tailored for Everyday Use

Reliable Emergency Access: The inclusion of an emergency key-lock override system with two keys ensures that users can access their valuables even in the event of electronic failure or battery depletion. This feature, along with the power override battery box, exemplifies AMSEC’s commitment to providing dependable access solutions in all scenarios.

Durability and Design Excellence

Solid Steel Construction: The 14 gauge solid steel construction of AMSEC EST1014 provides a robust physical barrier against unauthorized access, embodying strength and durability. This solid construction is further enhanced by the safe’s pry-resistant recessed door and internal hinges, designed to thwart attempts at forced entry.

Smart Space Utilization: Despite its compact dimensions, AMSEC EST1014 does not compromise on internal organization or capacity. The inclusion of a removable shelf allows users to efficiently store and organize their valuables, optimizing the available space and ensuring easy retrieval of items when needed.

Installation Flexibility and Aesthetic Integration

Versatile Mounting Options: The ability to bolt AMSEC EST1014 to the wall or floor is a significant advantage, offering flexibility in placement while enhancing security by deterring physical removal of the safe. This feature allows the safe to seamlessly integrate into various environments, from closets and offices to hidden spaces within recreational vehicles.

Sleek and Modern Design: AMSEC EST1014 boasts a design that is not only focused on security but also aesthetics, allowing it to blend into the decor of any home or office setting. The modern look of the safe, combined with its practical features, makes it a valuable addition to any space concerned with the safekeeping of personal items.

Comprehensive Support and Assurance

Unmatched Warranty Coverage: AMSEC’s one-year parts and labor warranty on AMSEC EST1014 reinforces the brand’s confidence in its product quality and reliability. This warranty coverage ensures that users have access to support and service that upholds the high standards of American Security Products.

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Weight22 lbs
Dimensions9.75 × 14.13 × 9.75 in


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