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AMSEC DSF3214CK Front Loading Deposit Safe

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  • Outside Dimensions: 32.25″H x 14″W x 14″D
  • Inside Dimensions:
    • Top: 11.25″Hx 13.75″W x 11″D
    • Bottom: 12.50″H x 13.75″W x 11″D
  • Clear Door: 9.75″H x 9.75″W
  • Cu. Ft. Storage:
    • Top: 0.83
    • Bottom: 1.1
  • Weight: 144 lbs.
  • Burglar Rating: B
  • ½” steel door with auto door detent
  • U.L. listed locks
  • Mail box or rotary drop deposit


AMSEC DSF3214CK Compact Dual-Door Depository Safe: A Synthesis of Security and Efficiency

Introduction: Enhancing Business Security

The AMSEC DSF3214CK Compact Dual-Door Depository Safe represents a significant advancement in the security solutions available for businesses. Weighing in at 144 pounds and boasting external dimensions of 32.25″H x 14″W x 14″D, this safe is designed to maximize security without compromising on space. Ideal for businesses with limited space but significant security needs, this depository safe offers a unique dual-compartment design, allowing for segregated storage within a single unit.

Front-Loading Hopper: A Gateway to Secure Deposits

A standout feature of the AMSEC DSF3214CK is its front-loading hopper, capable of handling substantial packages up to 10.50″L x 2.75″W x 4.00″D. This design ensures that deposits are secure and tamper-proof from the moment they are placed into the safe. The top compartment, directly accessible through the hopper, provides an internal storage capacity of 0.98 cubic feet, perfect for daily deposits. Meanwhile, the bottom compartment offers an additional 1.1 cubic feet of space for storing coins, extra bills, or other valuable items.

B-Rated Durability: Constructed to Resist

The AMSEC DSF3214CK is not just any safe; it is a B-rated depository safe, a testament to its durable construction and robust defense mechanisms. The safe’s body is crafted from 1/4″ thick A36 solid steel, while the door boasts a recessed 1/2″ thickness, enhancing its resistance to pry attacks and sledgehammer impacts. This level of durability ensures that the contents remain secure against burglary attempts, providing business owners with the confidence that their assets are well-protected.

Versatile Locking Options: Customized Security

One of the most compelling aspects of the AMSEC DSF3214CK is its versatile locking system. The top compartment comes equipped with a UL Listed Group II Combination Lock, renowned for its reliability and durability, requiring no power source or batteries. This lock’s mechanical nature offers long-term savings and reliability. For those seeking a more modern approach, there is the option to upgrade to a digital lock for the top compartment, offering ease of use and quick access. The bottom compartment features a dual key lock system, necessitating two keys for access, which enhances the security level by requiring dual custody, ideal for businesses where access control is paramount.

Safeguarding Assets with Precision and Reliability

The AMSEC DSF3214CK Compact Dual-Door Depository Safe embodies the pinnacle of secure storage solutions for businesses. Its compact design, coupled with the front-loading hopper and dual-compartment storage, offers an efficient and secure way to manage deposits and valuables. The safe’s B-rated construction and customizable lock options further underscore its utility and adaptability, catering to a wide range of security needs.

Choosing the right safe is about more than just securing assets; it’s about ensuring the continuity and integrity of your business operations. With its robust design and advanced security features, the AMSEC DSF3214CK provides peace of mind and a solid defense against theft, unauthorized access, and other security threats. Trust in Alpine Safes to deliver the protection your business deserves, safeguarding not just your physical assets but the trust and confidence of your customers and employees alike.

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Weight144 lbs
Dimensions14 × 14 × 32.25 in


Burglary Rating


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